What NOBODY is talking about.

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    What NOBODY is talking about.

What NOBODY is talking about, and may very well be the cause of all these seemingly random outbreaks happening in various areas around the world with little to no ties to anyone with a history of traveling to China, is the ever present, and ongoing, underground human trafficking networks.  You get asymptomatic carriers stopping at safe houses, being transported in cars, trucks, ships, and even shipping containers, going from place to place, eventually somebody is going to catch this bug.  Then the newly infected go to sporting events, bars, restaurants, shopping centers, churches, and then bam! you end up with situations like Italy (big time traffic ops going on there).  Now Croatia has cases.  Soon it’ll be in the Czech Republic, and on and on. Watch for it.

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    Illegal animal trafficking is another vector

The world has a huge illegal trade in wildlife, been going on for decades, for food, medicines and pets. It’s the despair of environment, customs and quarantine officials worldwide. Do a search for “thin green line.” A lot of this trade seems to be directed into China, but the US is another major destination.

Animals are handled by humans. Human hands are contaminated. Humans cough and sneeze on their victims.

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