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What is happening on college campuses?

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  • Mon, Nov 16, 2015 - 05:03pm


    Jim H

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    What is happening on college campuses?

I had dinner last night with some family members I don't see too often, one of whom married in to the family only 10 years ago.  He is a doctor, semi-retired but still doing some contract work – I would describe him as vibrant, intellectual, and spiritual.  When we first got to know each other, we quickly discovered our mutual love for all things Buckminster Fuller – he had actually built and lived in a geodesic dome during one period in his life! 

We were talking about this crazy wave of un-free thinking that has recently gripped several college campuses in the US… the idea that thoughts need to be policed seemed to him so counter to the whole idea of what college is supposed to be about.  I mentioned the newly coined concept of, "micro-aggression" and kidded him that his white privilege was showing.  Turns out this was yet another in a long line of badly timed and placed attempts at humor by yours truly – akin to asking an obese woman whether she is pregnant.. that kind of thing.  

My older friend got quiet for a moment and suggested that he had earned his privilege, if indeed he had any, when he got knocked out cold while participating in one of the anti-segregation sit-ins at the Nashville Woolworth's in 1959.  And here-in lies the juxtaposition;

If my friend were to go speak today to a crowd at one of several colleges about the value of free speech and free exchange of ideas, he would be censored and widely booed down.  And yet, I just learned that he was more brave in the application of his own ideals, in his own actions to promote equality, than anyone I have ever met personally.  

So the question is;  How did we get here?  Is this the work of monied divide and conquer globalists like Soros playing on the victimhood of our young generation, or is this some kind of organic outgrowth of PC run amok? 

If you don't know what's going on, read here; 

This article was written by Alex Thomas and originally published at

Hard left authoritarians at Amherst College have issued a series of demands, under the threat of civil disobedience, that include the complete end of free speech on campus as well as extensive re-education for offenders.

The demands, issued in support of the so-called uprising at the University of Missouri, read like a literal fascist manifesto and are conclusive proof that the mainstream media supported protests at multiple colleges over the last few weeks are not about racial equality but rather are about totally and completely shutting down the speech of anyone who disagrees with the opinions of the protesters.

The fact that the group is attempting to get the President of a major university to sign off on re-education classes and punishment for anyone who speaks about free speech or says all lives matter is a startling reminder of the extreme authoritarianism that runs through the veins of the college hard left…….



  • Tue, Nov 17, 2015 - 11:08am


    Bankers Slave

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    A well made point if not a bit OTT!

  • Tue, Nov 17, 2015 - 06:48pm



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    Poltically Correct Censors: Who Are They and Why?

My hypothesis is that PC censorship is an outgrowth of the ascendance of the GREEN Meme way of seeing the world.  Some 20% to 25% of American and Europeans are now GREEN (up from 15% a few decades ago).   Furthermore, GREEN is dominant among the most educated, including university faculty. 

GREEN is very concerned that all people be treated with kindness.  The especially do not want to:

  • generalize
  • ostracize
  • marginalize, and
  • stigmatize.

(the key word of academic GREEN writing)

I know that many here are not familiar with the Spiral Dynamics model so I'll give a concrete example that grew from a real life encounter with a co-worker who spontaneously burst into the PC censor role during a conversation.

The conversation:

A:   (a sentence that included)…. my gay hairdresser…..

B:  (Person B turns and glares at person A).

A:  "What?"

B:  "You have no right to say that!"

A:  "Well he IS gay!"

B:  "Still….. you shouldn't say that."


Fortunately A and B were friends and had some discussions over time.  B's caustic look and words were perceived a hostile by A, ("a speech Nazi") but were based on the intention to make the world safe and accepting for everyone, especially gay people.

So what is the problem with the phrase "gay hairdresser?"  The explanation emerged:

  • it conflates the concepts of "gayness" and "hairdresser-ness."
  • It could be perceived as generalizing that all gay people are hairdressers.
  • or that all hairdressers are gay.
  • I might cause a young gay person to feel his career options were limited to hairdressing and constrict his options in the world.
  • It stereotypes and marginalizes gay people.  I mean what if a gay person were a company CEO and people were thinking of gays as hairdressers?  It could create head winds professionally, a hostile work environment.

Most of us can see that though the intention of kindness is wonderful, that these generalizations include basic logical fallacies.

I am very sure that the PC censorship movement is GREEN Meme intending to make the world safer and accepting of all human beings.  Seeing through these logical faults allows one to be both accepting of all people, and not have to act in a stilted PC way to communicate that.

And with that, a person moves into YELLOW.  🙂



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