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What if there was no novel virus ?

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  • Thu, Apr 09, 2020 - 03:30pm



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    What if there was no novel virus ?

If these two doctors are right the SARS-CoV-2 virus hasn’t been isolated and the tests that are being used, PCR-RT, are not in line with gold standard testing. The tests would be aimed at finding something that isn’t the virus because as they didn’t isolate it, there is nothing to compare with. Also the fact that a lot of amplifications  are used in the PCR’s leads to a lot of positives. But by lowering the number of amplifications, you get less positives (whenever you need to say your NFI measures have a result). As Chris said while commenting the blood disease approach, (not sure to remember his words) but that it would be strange for a virus to do this to the hemoglobin. Well, indeed maybe it’s not a virus doing that and maybe there is no virus and the disease we witness has another or a cocktail of other causes (stress, polution, underlying illnesses,…).

It would be interesting to dig into this idea that the tests are no proof of the existence of a novel virus with Cris and/or the interviewed virologist…


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