What can we all do?? A possible solution

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    What can we all do?? A possible solution


I don’t know if any of you have done any research on the Rothschilds, but , I think a solution could be to let others become aware of what a few families in the world are planning for all of us and our future generations. I haven’t had alot of time, but from the little bit of reading I have done, many of them get married and have children with people who are related to them (ie: They marry their own  cousins , second cousins etc) .  They do this since you are very unlikely to ‘back stab’ a relative.

Anyhow, I hope some of you will have a chance to do some research on this family (and others that work with them) who are about to change the world as we know it today.    Their ultimate goal is for us to be their slaves  (Yikes!!)

These families just own too much of the world, and it is to the point that it is almost impossible to defeat them. The only possible solution I can think of is a very large rally in Washington and gain some loyalty from a newsreporter who will actually air it LIVE on TV.  The protest can be for a demand to take our country back and not have these few families control the world anymore. People at the rally can hold signs with web sites that hopefully will be shown on LIVE TV so people can do their own research. The protest can be to get rid of the Federal Reserve and have the government bring the country back to what was written in  the original constituation.  Our Founding Fathers risked their lives for our freedom.  I feel that we ought to do the same. 

There are quite a number of great web sites.     Below are three of them to  start with. 





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    Great idea

Great idea! I will pass the message on.

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    Start at home!

Here’s the deal folks: "You can’t change the (whole) world!"Now let me expound on that statement.

Notice that I inserted the word "whole" in the statement. What you DO control, and what we all CAN control and change, is OUR OWN WORLD. Start at home, with your family, and your friends. That becomes your children’s friends, and their families. That becomes your community, etc, etc. Talking a big game on a website isn’t the answer, but talking the game beyond it is.

Chris, get the damn crash course finished up! I can’t take much more waiting (LOL)!

DVD’s of the course, films like "Zeitgeist" and others that force us to look at ourselves and our environment differently are the paths to real change. I live in a small town and the opportunity to get the message out may be a little easier here. There’s discussion of showing the Crash Course as a town offering open to the public, and continuing with programs such as that in the future. We already offer gardening programs, alternative fuel use, and the promoting of local business. The message here is simply this: You won’t change anything if you don’t ever start.

Good luck to everyone who who wants it better for next generation!

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    joe bender

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    start now

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered”Thomas Jefferson
joanne i love you will you marry me

i have been writing emails non stop and talking to people non stop about this
they are not about to change the world tho they are intent on keeping the world the way it is.

control the money, ratchet up fear, profit off both sides of a war of their own creation the list goes on.
tell everyone you know to watch the money masters video just google money masters video it is three d a half hours long and will blow peoples minds. a good read is the creature from jekyll island. use every outlet you can to get this info out. it is our only chance. the revolution was not fought to get free from the king of england it was fought to get free from THE BANK OF ENGLAND.
your post warms the cockles of my heart

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    More ideas on stopping the insanity . .

Hi joanne & rlee. . .I don’t want to get into the middle of that “special thing” you have going on but here’s what I have been attempting:
I bought 20+ Crude Impact dvds to hand out and sent them to libraries and schools for free with my name to contact if they want more dvds inside. I contacted my neighbors to have a “Future of Energy” awareness day and I have even posted ads in the local papers for open forum meetings to watch information and have discussions about energy politics and the like.

Here’s the response I got over the last month – 2 people called me – 1 was someone wanting to know if there was a job in it for him the other was a professor who had some shared interest.

My Plan B is to contact newspapers, editorials, tv and radio stations to let them know http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ is a huge internet hit and to stir up the pot . . .make it sound like they are missing out on not getting with the flow (the info). The other thing – press for linktv to air the show and tell everyone when it will be on. Next step is more info- Crash Course, Masters of Money, Crude Impact and Crude Awakening. In Addition – try contacting celebrities (Bono, and others) to endorse the information and maybe free concert with movie inserted or passed out for free? I’m looking for ideas and welcome them all.

I have found 1/2 of the people who watch masters of money and http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com/ can’t stand to hear the truth. The other 1/2 get sick. But persistence pays off. . . . keep trucking


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    When will Course #20 be finished

I just finished going throught the crash course and was both impressed and overwelmed by all the information it contained.  At the same time I was a bit disappointed because the last course was not available for viewing and closure.  Can you provide a time when that will be completed and posted on your website?




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    Re: What can we all do?? A possible solution

I cannot believe that some people listing on here actually looked at the 22 chapters Chris worked so hard to put together. We are ALL responsible for the mess we find ourselves in and we have only ourselves to blame.

We have car sizes we do not need. In fact we overuse and squander resources that we could best economize better.

Have any of you ever gone out on a highway and counted the number of cars that

1. have 1 driver
2. Are 8 cylinders
3. Are old and do not care at all about the envirnoment?
4. Are (8 cylinder) trucks getting 12-15 mpg headed to the nearest city with no load? (Maybe they do intend to pick something up, but I find the number of trucks which are empty going into the city to be the same approximate number as those going out of the city).

Finally do you know the number of BILLIONS of miles driven in the United States alone in the course of (say) one year. Are you saying that central bankers and commercial bankers are encouraging us to do this and if so to what end?

It is an interesting exercise. Try counting 200 cars and see what sort of % you come up with.  Then rethink what you might say about the Rothchilds and other outdated conspiracy theories.

  • Fri, Dec 16, 2011 - 09:16am

    Peak Prosperity Admin

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    I agree jcherry

 Using the Rothchilds as scapegoats don’t solve the problem. I think Infowars has that side of the debate well covered.

 1) Doing it yourself is one thing, but globally you’ll need Governments that will respond to your needs the citizen overr the needs of outdated sectors of the economy struggling to hang on to their market/market share. We can also almost 100% Automation and Robots with many task we currently pay people merger wages to do.

 2) The key to replacing the use of oil for transportation, will depend on increasing the amount of electric and hydrogen/electric cars on the roads + using high speed rail for most mid range (under 500 miles) and long range (500 miles +) travel. Saving Planes for crossing the Atlantic (to Europe) and Pacific (To Japan/China) among other long distances locations. Geo Thermal will have to be the basis for that replacing base electric power currently provided by coal primarily. According to Wikipedia, Geo Thermal can provide Mega Jules of power and along with Wind and Solar Panels that should be mandated on home going forward, will allow what rare oil is left to product the non-transportation products we need until we can come up with synetic replacements for them.




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