what about willingness?

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    what about willingness?

First let me say that this information has been suggested as ‘must see’ for all Econ-101 students, and I disagree on such a small audience – it should be ‘must see’ for EVERYONE! As an administrator for a government entity I see first hand the inability for the bosses of our society (the politicians) to take on the masses and make real life decisions for the future of not just this country, but decisions that affect the world and those in it. We are, not just in this country but world-wide, a group of very spoiled, very selfish, and very self-absorbed peoples. What we "MUST" do to survive, and what the masses are "WILLING" to do are two very different things. This may seem a bit pessimistic, but the reality is that society has created an entitled culture. We live in a world of huge excess, and we have grown to a point where we don’t just enjoy it, but we now expect it. Real change in the attitudes of the population will come when it is thrust upon them, and the politicians will prolong the effects by continuing to fuzzy those numbers and play with the words they use to not only fulfill their mission in government, but to preserve their own selfish motives of self-preservation. This is not a mean spirited statement, but simply human nature and survival of the fittest – or smartest. Chris, never stop teaching, and I for one will continue to spread your word, and this course. I do not believe that we can change the world at once. However I believe we CAN, if we narrow our scope, change each of our own individual worlds – the ones our own children are going to live in. On the grander scale, and taken in the proper context, the world might just become a bit more palatable a place to live in tomorrow if we start today.

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    22,000 views (so far)on this

22,000 views (so far)on this chapter, about the size of the tiny town in West Texas I grew up in. It should be more like 22,000,000, as, like you stated, very few are thinking about this, much less taking action. Have you ever considered approaching PBS?
I hope the final chapter is a long one. The problems approaching sure seem unsurmountable at this point.

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By chance I listened to 19 within what must be 3 hrs of it first being posted. 21,000 views by then , but 24 hrs later only up to 24,000 views.
Years ago I figured out that I would see no government funded retirement ( In New Zealand ) despite paying tax that was supposed to fund it. Tried to convince friends and got ignored or told I did not know what I was talking about. I have in recent times been trying to bring to peoples attention coming resource shortages, but essentially to no avail.

Certainly had not dug as deeply or widely as Chris or put it all together.
I am having much more luck convincing people we are facing a massive change in how we live as I can now get them to look at this website.

Thanks to Chris for putting it all together in a package almost everyone can grasp. However for some strange reason though politicians cant seem to get it 😉

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