Welcome to the Peak Prosperity Investment Group

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    Welcome to the Peak Prosperity Investment Group

The purpose of this PP Investment Group is to offer mutual support and helpful information to our members who are seeking to build financial wealth across the vast array of investment vehicles (stocks, bonds, precious metals, other tangible assets, retirement funds, options, etc), but doing so in a manner that takes into consideration the incredible macroeconomic challenges facing all of us that The Crash Course identifies. 

As we have many excellent minds in our Community with a wide variety of experiences. The idea here is to foster communication and sharing of ideas/expertise/knowledge among ourselves, especially in terms of INVESTING.

For example, some time back Jim H graciously summarized his list of favorite junior gold miners for our consideration. Since it appeared to me that he was way ahead of my neophyte status, I was led to explore these suggested companies in greater depth. (Fortunately Jim exited his positions on the Friday BEFORE the recent big manipulated crash!). His guidance also turned me onto GoldStockAnalyst.com which could prove to be a very useful resource in identifying solid, well-financed mining companies with sound management teams behind them.  (Thanks again, Jim. The fee was too high for me but caused me to do a lot of thinking. AND I will still follow those you talked about.)

Another example of the type of situations I'm hoping this group can provide helpful guidance with. Today I received a PAID piece of info from David Morgan concerning something new: Agnico-Eagle Mines (AEM) is investing in KootenaySilver (TSX: KTN.V) at 0.750.  I have a lot of questions I'd like to bounce off other investors, hopefully some with more investing and/or mining expertise than I have:

  • Is this a good buy at present?
  • Is now the best time to enter, or it is wiser to wait for "THE" correction/collapse forthcoming?
  • Does anyone with mining experience have an opinion of the quality of Kootenay's assets and operations?

And so forth.

I've used mining stocks in my examples above, but this group is created for discussion on any asset type or category. We all share the same goal of a more profitable future, so I'm hoping we can all learn from each other; support each other, and (hopefully) enrich each other. If you're like me when it comes to investing, I personally can use all the help I can muster.

Care to join me and others in attempting to support ourselves financially?

If so, join this Group. To do so is easy: just click here and then click the big blue JOIN TODAY button.

And feel free to introduce yourself in the Comments section below and let us know what your investment goals are, and if you have any specific interests or expertise you'd like us to know about.


Ken P.

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