Welcome to Soviet Vancouver

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    Welcome to Soviet Vancouver

Dr Mel Bruchet spoke about the alarming number of stillbirths at a Vancouver hospital. For his trouble, he was taken to a mental institution and is now ‘medicated’….

This country is getting scarier by the day.


  • Tue, Dec 14, 2021 - 09:55am

    Mike from Jersey

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    Welcome to Soviet Vancouver

I just picked this up on another site:

Another concerning thing I am beginning to hear from my oncology friends is the absolute explosion of soft tissue cancers that are happening. This is especially true of malignant melanoma and renal cell carcinoma. One of my oncology colleagues noted to me the other day that he found it very troubling that these two in particular were going parabolic – the two soft tissue cancers whose etiology most have to do with a disordered immune system. Lymph tumors like lymphoma and myeloma are also apparently going off the charts as well.

On that site, these developments were explained as post-Covid19-infection maladies. But I have two close friends who were vaccinated and developed cancers even though they had no history of getting Covid 19. Never in my life have I had one close friend develop cancer, much less two at the same time.

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