Welcome, intro….

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    Welcome, intro….

Hi all.  It's said that small business- usually defined as those employing less that 500 souls, I believe- is the lifeblood of the American economy.  I'm an inhabitant of one of the smallest capilaries, with a business of 6 employees.  Been at it for 26 years.  I sell and service lawn and garden power equipment and marine supplies.  As an entrepreneur, I've always been willing to look at the positive aspects of the future, you know- "glass half full".  But since the events of the last 4 years, and my understanding of such, it's been hard to maintain a long-term positive outlook.  I feel that I've put my business on hold and let it just drift a bit with the current, rather that pro-actively paddling upstream.  Business has slowed some the last few years, and I've put off some rather large decisions whose long-term outlook were just too hard to confidently predict.  Being extremely financially conservative, sometimes to my detriment, can help cause decision lock-up.   Hate to think that I'm just waiting for the SHTF,  but that would probably be an accurate assessment of my current forward-thought, though I know it may be years away.  How are you guys doing?   Aloha, Steve.

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