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What I would really love is for you guys to help organize meetups in different areas of the country for happy hour or dinner or pot luck.  I would love to get together with other like minded people in my area to just discuss issues, talk about preps, etc. but I have tried and failed to find others who get these issues.  I know they are out there (in Wash DC) but we are all under the radar. 


I know this is probably not something you guys are interested in organizing but I thought I would give it a shot in mentioning because the one thing I am not getting in this area is a community of like minded people that I can talk to.  I get it in Vermont and Shepherdstown WV but not in Wash DC.  

There’s only so much a website can do. Organizing local groups might be ideal. For mypart, I live in Hampton Roads, but (not summers) often my weekend may be on the middle Eastern Shore of Virginia.

Any others from that area, please feel free to PM me. Not from that area, and want to post a location, please post it below.

Assume that if you PM me, your name will go on a list, and either I will organize something, or I will distribute contact info between all the group, depending on requests in the PM.

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    Assorted thoughts

I’ll respond to a few things, then I’ll shut up and go away for a while.


 We also got to explore people’s belief systems around what can be believed in the media.  As we all should know by now the MSM does an exceptionally good job of spinning whatever tale the power structure wants told.

The MSM has many flaws but it’s also one of our defenses against the power structure you decry.


Sandy Hook was used as an emotional barb to push forward more gun control legislation.  “Let no good crisis go to waste” and all that.  Yes Sandy Hook was a huge tragedy for the families involved.  But more so than a droned wedding party?  Not in my world.

Nor in mine. I agree with you on that, 300%.


To me the far “greater harm” done by the MSM is in promoting the tragedy of Sandy Hook in full force while almost completely ignoring the massive loss of innocent civilian life that the US war machine regularly and cavalierly rains down almost daily across the globe.

The behaviour of the US war machine is a big part of what made it easy to believe (and still does) that angry men from far away mounted the 9/11 attacks. But not the only part … don’t miss the symbolic significance of the fact that the *trade* center was one of the targets.


Is it useful to point this out whenever it happens?  You bet.  Otherwise, you are being played and don’t even know

The MSM often stumble into a fallacy of emphasis … saying things that are true but given disproportionate coverage vs other stories that could be told. I think that reflects herd mentality more than malevolent intentions on anyone’s part, but either way the imbalances are real. It is right and good to question that, as long as we get our facts straight and don’t stumble into sloppy thinking of our own.


Finally, it bears repeating – yesterday’s conspiracy theories often turn out to be today’s conspiracy facts.

I’d accept that if you said that yesterday’s conspiracy theories *sometimes* turn out to be today’s conspiracy truths.

One can only suss out a genuine conspiracy truth if one is connecting dots that are true in themselves *and* understanding/interpreting them accurately in their context.


Is it useful to keep promoting reason and factual inquiry with an open mind?  Yes.

Yes, as long as people do indeed take care with both the facts and the reasoning.  The standard needs to be high, and also consistent.


Is it something that everyone can manage psychologically?  No.

Be cautious about assuming that the other guy’s psychological issues are the only reason he’s disagreeing. Or that he’s the only one who has them!


As a very wise man once told me, the true meaning of integrity is the willingness to be completely reeducated about anything at any time. If you are willing to be completely reeducated, you are solid to the core in such a way that you are not threatened by new information.  

That would be a useful way to look at it as long as the things one is accepting reeducation about were in fact true …  or at least closer to truth than one’s previous thoughts.


“What is truth?” — Jesus of Nazareth, famous Jewish guy

… not an easy question, sometimes.

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    No, No, No, Yoxa! That was Pontius Pilate!

Please don’t misattribute; it gets confusing.

That wns Pontius Pilate, when functioning as judge.

It is arguable to me, whether a better translation of his intent might have been “What is (the) truth?”

If he had wished to be explicit about the word truth, and was speaking in Latin, he would have used an accusitive declension of “ille”, “that”.

But really, our “the” in “truth” is a reference to general truth, so I doubt that a judge who was trying to be conscientious would ask “what is that specific truth”; a judge must consider all truth.

So I actually think “What is truth” in other languages can translate to English, “what is the truth”.

What Jesus said that triggered Pontius’ statement was “I have come to testify to the truth”. Whether he used “ille” as well, I do not know. Indeed, I have doubtful questions whether either of them were speaking Latin. Greek and Aramaic are also both real possibilities.


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    I stand corrected

Michael, thank you for pouncing on that.

It’s embarrassing and ironic that my own post contained an error of the very sort I grumble about.

My intent was to write ” — asked at the trial of Jesus of Nazareth” but that’s not what came out.

I must resolve to never, ever, ever, post in a hurry.

In fact, I read a news article, and posted a comment about it, after I confirmed it was in separate sources.

Then I found out that the secondary and tertiary sources got it from the first…

… whoops.

I retracted the comment, and instead sent the news article on to snopes. Maybe they can figure out if the post was true.

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    Most Interesting Future Content

I would be interested in household-level action steps for helping the environment.  Not just emergency preparedness, but more along the lines of how to go off-grid, or pollution free, in the following types of homes:

1.  A suburban single family dwelling;

2.  An apartment or condo unit;

3.  A very small hobby farm.

Most of us lack either the youth, or the health, or the money, or the skills to go off into the wilderness, and, frankly, the last thing the wilderness needs is masses of people moving there.  But there is very little information on retrofitting a city or suburban home to go partially or fully off-grid, and/or fossil-fuel free (and the answers are different for arid vs. tropical, vs, polar vortex areas).  And people rarely talk about how to transition off all of the household products that contain poisons or petroleum, such as cleaners, insecticides, personal hygeine products, etc…

The politicians are in gridlock.  Let’s get good, detailed info on household-level actions.

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