WE WANT YOUR INPUT: What content are you most interested in?

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  • Mon, Mar 11, 2019 - 09:11pm


    Adam Taggart

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    WE WANT YOUR INPUT: What content are you most interested in?

Every year or so, Chris and I like to pause and ask the Peak Prosperity audience: What are you most interested in?

We do our best to stay on top of the issues we think are most important and deliver the most useful insights we can. But it helps to check in with you to make sure we’re on track with what you care about.

What topics/issues/subjects would you most like to see this site focus on in 2019? What insights are you hungriest for?

Please let us know in the Comments section below.

This will be a 2 part process: I’ll collate the results and put the top ~10 into a survey, in which I’ll ask you to rank these leading topics by priority. That way, we’ll have a clear sense of what the Peak Prosperity audience interests are.



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    Basel III updates from Lynette Zang and Mike Maloney

I would really like to hear Chris and Adam’s perspective on Basel III, especially given the widely anticipated March 31st deadline.  In the meantime, here are videos released today from two sources, Lynette Zang (32 minutes) and Mike Maloney (9 minutes), that I’ve found are balanced and well-researched:

  • Sat, Mar 23, 2019 - 06:26pm



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I’ve been reading recently about the next generation of wireless – 5G (5th generation.) It is supposed to transmit 10 times as much data as current 4G does. It achieves this phenomenal increase by using higher frequencies than 4G – in the 24 GHz range. A typical microwave oven uses high wattage frequencies in the 2.5 GHz range. These waves transmit much less energy, but at a higher frequency.


Microwave ovens work by passing non ionizing microwave radiation through the food, at a frequency approximately 2.5 GHz. Microwave ovens produce waves similar to that of a typical wireless phone.


Stationary equipment such as Wi-Fi hubs in homes and offices will be permitted to use microwave beams that are 15 times stronger (300 watts) than the signals from 5G phones or 150 times stronger than 4G phones. [2] 

​Reading between the lines, your 4G cell phone transmits 2 watts of radio frequencies to communicate with cell phone towers. The new 5G phones will work at higher frequencies and need to transmit 20 watts in all directions. Think about what important organ is on the other side of your ear drum.

As frequencies increase, the radio waves are more easily absorbed by obstacles in the way – walls, trees, animals, humans, etc. In order to overcome this blockage, new cell phone towers will have to be stationed as close as every 500 feet in concrete jungles (cities.) There are also plans to launch ~20,000 satellites in orbit around earth to keep us all in constant contact.

On March 29, 2019, the Federal Communications Comission (FCC) gave Spacex approval to launch 4,425 satellites into low orbit. Each rocket can carry more than one 880 pound satellite into space, but it will still take many, many rockets to launch all of these satellites. When the other 15,500+ satellites are launched in the next few years, there will be many more rockets needed. Rockets are pollution generating machines.

To put this into perspective, as of September 2017 there were 1,738 operating satellites into orbit around the Earth. This means the number of satellites will be 11 times greater than the current number. [4]

Rocket fuel is very destructive to the Earth’s ozone layer which protects us from the harsh effects of radiation from the sun. In 2017, there were 90 rocket launch attempts worldwide. [5]

The companies who stand to make a boatload of money off these devices tell us that it is ALL completely safe. Monsanto used to claim that Roundup was safer than salt. Decades later, Monsanto (now part of Bayer) is getting successfully sued by folks who claim Roundup caused cancer. Big tobacco companies knew their product caused cancer well before it was officially acknowledged. There are many examples where company greed usurped “doing the right thing.”

So, Chris, I think this is right up your alley. Everything on earth will be bathed in low level microwave radiation 24 hours per day every day. What potential negative effects are there? We’re already seeing a marked decrease in insect populations. What does constant low level microwave radiation do to them over time? What does low level microwave radiation do to our brains? You could also talk about the amazing profits these ventures are expecting to make.

If/when we realize that this new implementation of technology destroys the web of life, will we be willing to revert back to something that is currently acceptable but 10 times slower? (Would you willingly go back to a 4.77 MHz IBM PC with two 5.25″ floppy drives and no hard drive? What about any computer you had a mere 10 years ago?)


PS – That 2nd article I cited is fairly short and has lots of up-to-date information. Definitely well worth the time to read.

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    Future Subjects of Interest

There is quite a bit being written and discussed about the imminent GSM or Grand Solar Minimum.  There could be something in this and could possibly explain the severe winter you are experiencing in the Northern Hemisphere.  

What the GSM crowd are suggesting is that, starting this winter in 2019, we are going to experience a global cooling vent lasting some 30 years – the peak cold being in the 15th year.  I have been thinking about the disappearance of the insects, could this possibly tied to the coming cold or mini ice age?  Just saying because the Japanese forecast imminent earthquakes and tsunamis by the phenomenon of a certain species of fish (I think it is oarfish) beaching themselves.  This is happening right now.  If the fish know whats coming, maybe the insects do too.

If they are right and the earth is in fact cooling as much as forecast, the consequences for the planet are dire and human survival as a species could be at risk.  I know it goes counter to the global warming theme but the outcomes are equally scary.  Maybe mother nature is fighting back and is going to achieve what we were unable to do.  Put a stop to us wrecking the environment.

Would really appreciate your thoughts on this and give it your usual thorough examination and give us your balanced views without the hyperbole.

  • Sun, Mar 24, 2019 - 02:44am


    Karsten Kolliker

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    The Societal Imperative

I am persistently puzzled by the widespread willingness to accept a coming collapse of society. I see this in the idea of preserving your personal wealth by investing in gold. To me it speaks of a lack of imagination and a lack of consequential thinking. Once the mountains debt comes tumbling down, it will amount to a societal existential crisis, where practically all of our habitual societal contracts will be called into question, but under these circumstances quite many people seems to think, that they then will be able to go it alone. Buying gold to restore wealth, storing food, and picking up firearms to protect both the gold and the food storage. If this were to play out in this way, that you actually went on to kill other human beings to protect your wealth, where would that leave you emotionally and socially? Pretty damn handicapped and impoverished, I would say.

Once we’re confronted with the widespread disintegration of the established order, I believe that there is an imperative, and that is the importance of preserving a commitment to society. If we give up on overcoming our predicaments as a collective, I believe our chances for a civilized transition to new ways of living are almost zero.

Because of this absolutely crucial importance of retaining a commitment to our societal bonds and an understanding of our greatly enhanced capabilities once we move as a society, I believe we will have to renounce on a lot of other things that we value. In my mind, placing absolute emphasis on the importance of our abilities as a collective means:

  • Decentralization and localization, thus we will have to give up on all the ways to get rich through scaling and the globalized ownership models
  • Your wealth follows the wealth of the collective, not necessarily in the form of total equality, but just that everyone survives and then prospers in coordinated ways where no one is left behind
  • Turning the tides and begin to re-establish trust in the larger society through a nationwide truth-and-reconciliation-movement

To me it seems like the reasoning and the discussions stops short, once this fixation on gold is introduced. Though Peak Prosperity might describe this particular moment in time, we might as well call it ‘peak materialism’. Maybe the actual peak prosperity moment was somewhere back in 1967 or so. What I would like to hear something about is how to..

Embrace our poverty, and

How to capitalize on our poverty


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    peak oil

peak oil, peak resources

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    Fact checking

I suggest that blatantly untrue posts be identified and called out by the managers of the site.

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    Irony lost

Doug wrote:

I suggest that blatantly untrue posts be identified and called out by the managers of the site.

Seems like they’ve got their hands full calling bs on 90% of your comments  Maybe you could suggest an appropriate censorship Bot to help screen for thought crimes….oh that’s right you recently did.






  • Tue, Mar 26, 2019 - 07:40pm



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    Three Es Dashboard (cont.)

In my earlier comment, I proposed a three Es ~dashboard and included some examples, except for the Environment.   https://www.peakprosperity.com/comment/222006#comment-222006

Environment –  something along the lines of (a) Insect/Bee decline info (ie, canaries on the coal mine), (b) GHG/Climate snapshots/trends and (c) Water scarcity/reserve declines. 

In my too little time dedicated to looking for good sources of raw and/or timely data, have not found much I really want to suggest.  Others here any have any?

The one that showed some modest promise to me so far …


and well, there is the EPA dataset gateway


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