Was the nasty “Flu” I had last October 2019 COVID19 or I’m just going nuts?

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    Was the nasty “Flu” I had last October 2019 COVID19 or I’m just going nuts?

This is a ridiculous question, but… Was the absolutely NASTY “Flu” I had last October 2019 COVID19, or just a particularly nasty strain of the Flu and I’m just going nuts? I didn’t take any antibody or PCR test yet because the pandemic here is still ongoing and I’m afraid to go into hospitals or clinics.

Here’s all that I can remember, plus a comparison to the previous Flu before that. I apologize in advance for this really long post.

Notes: I’m a 29 year old man from the Philippines. I take multivitamins (Centrum) and Metformin daily. Obese, pre-diabetic but no hypertension. Most of the time I get 7-8 hours of sleep daily. Add 1-2 hours of siesta (afternoon nap) during the weekend.

Before the nasty Flu:

September 26, 2019. One of my co-workers has a fever and is coughing and sneezing outside the room where I’m working. She came in and talked to me for a few seconds, then I told her to get out because she’s sick. Sprayed Lysol all over the room. The incubation period for Flu is around 2 days on average (correct me if I’m wrong) but I didn’t catch it. Everything was fine and I feel normal.

September 29 and October 6, 2019: Went to the mall. Noticed some people wearing face masks for both days.

The “Flu” or whatever that absolutely nasty thing is

Day 1:

October 8, 2019. I had what is probably the worst “Flu” of my life. It hit me really suddenly. Late morning. At first I thought I was getting sick with the Flu. Then it got so much worse so quickly to the point that it was so bad, I’m almost, if not totally disabled on my bed at early afternoon. I felt my body temperature skyrocket to around 40C (104F) and above. At that time, I can barely even move an inch for hours. Afterwards, my body started sweating like CRAZY for the next several minutes and after that, I finally had barely enough strength to go to the bathroom. After that, I was in bed with barely any strength to move the rest of the day.

Symptoms experienced: Sudden and serious fatigue to the point I almost can’t move, very high fever (probably 40C / 104F), loss of appetite. No coughing, no phlegm, no shortness of breath.

Day 2:

At Day 2, I started feeling better, or so I think. I did nothing but sit on the couch the entire morning. Did a little bit of social media and gaming before taking a long afternoon nap, thinking it’s going to become better. Then the fever and fatigue came back. I almost didn’t eat anything because I really didn’t feel like it. Fever range was 39-40C.

Symptoms experienced: Loss of appetite, fever and fatigue (less severe early in the day, more severe at night). Still no coughing and phlegm.

Day 3 – 5:

Same as day 2. This is something that, if I can remember, never experienced with the Flu. It’s a weird cycle where I started feeling better in the morning, then it comes back at the afternoon and night. I still don’t have an appetite during these days. Did not watch TV, play games or any social media for these days. Just lots of rest. Took 1 tablet of Tylenol at Day 3 and it didn’t work. That is the one and only time I took Tylenol (Acetaminophen or Paracetamol). Fever was around 38.5C at the morning, going up to around 39.5C at night.

Symptoms experienced: Loss of appetite, “cyclical” fever and fatigue. Productive cough at Day 3.

Day 6:

This is the point when things got better. The weird cyclical fever/fatigue is subsiding – I can leave the house, go places and do stuff, as long as I don’t overexert myself. Slowly but surely, the cyclical fever/fatigue got replaced by productive cough that lasted for a week.

Symptoms experienced: Fever and fatigue (subsiding), productive cough

Day 7-15

The cyclical fever/fatigue is finally over. Heavy productive cough for the week. Went to the doctor for a blood test. Results: some sort of white blood cell count thing dipped down to a 2. I got prescribed with immune boosting supplements plus expectorants to get rid of the phlegm. After around Day 15, it’s finally over. No annoying coughing, no weird cyclical fever/fatigue thing.

What’s really weird about this “flu” is the feeling after the ordeal. I felt better than ever before. It’s as if my body is functioning so much better after I got this thing compared to before I got it. I dunno… it’s weird, but that’s just what I felt. Seriously, what was that?

To compare, here is my previous experience with the Flu:

August 2017

It has been almost 3 years, but here’s what I can remember. I researched about the 2017-2018 flu season and discovered that H3N2 was the dominant strain. I don’t know if I got that one, the less severe H1N1 strain or something else. Again, please correct me if I’m wrong. I might be just going nuts.

Day 1:

I don’t know where I got this Flu, but this one came in slowly. I started feeling it coming at early afternoon. I still went to work and started feeling unwell. Got home safe. It got worse slowly. I went to sleep, hoping it would go away. It didn’t.

Symptoms: Gradual onset of fever and fatigue.

Day 2:

It’s still there, but I can still cook, play games and watch TV. It’s at the afternoon when it became bad, but it is still manageable. Fever hovered at 39-39.5C (102-103F).

Symptoms: Fever and fatigue, some loss of appetite

Day 3:

Fever and fatigue at around the 39C (102F) range, but at night, I started to slowly feel better. Watched TV and played a little bit of games. Productive coughing and sneezing began at around this point.

Symptoms: Fever and fatigue, some loss of appetite, productive cough and runny nose

Day 4:

At this point, the fever and fatigue are starting to subside. In its place, productive cough and runny nose took over.

Day 5-14:

Fever and fatigue subsiding by Day 5, gone by Day 6. This is followed by a week of productive cough with the occasional runny nose. After the cough and runny nose are gone, things went back to normal. Until around January 2019 when I got the common cold, thanks to a kid who sneezed and coughed right at my face.


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