Videos about gardening

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    Videos about gardening


Last December I became the owner of a small piece of land. 765 square meters, 1/5th of an acre. I have been working quite hard on that piece of land and I am making videos of it for my friends and family. These videos are in Dutch. I aim to have a food-forrest kinda garden, with fruit trees, berries, herbs and vegetables. I have to learn a lot and will problably make a lot of mistakes.

Would you like me to make English spoken videos as well and share these in this forum? I started this garden based on Chris’ “Plant a garden”-advice 🙂



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    Videos about gardening

Hello my friend. It’s strange that no one answered you, because this is a really interesting idea. For example, I would like to see a video about landscaping, as I do this myself in my garden and I don’t always know how to do it right. In general, if you still want to, then do it, and there will always be an audience.

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