Video from Dr Marik: Medical Grand Rounds

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    Video from Dr Marik: Medical Grand Rounds

I was happy to see this latest video of Dr Paul Marik
Title of video: Medical Grand Rounds:
A review of the MATH+ and I-MASK protocols

Of particular interest in the comments section I saw this post:

Victor Helsing (January 21, 2021)
Thank you, Dr. Marik, for your heroic work. I have been using ivermectin for several months now to protect our hospital personnel and their families with great success. Following is a repost from another video, but I thought it relevant to your excellent presentation:

Everything surrounding COVID has become hopelessly politicized, including vaccines, reporting, public policy and even treatment. I live in a freedom loving state that embraced chloroquine very early, despite slight/questionable clinical evidence of its effectiveness. Our state government and major health care systems jumped in with both feet, endorsing essentially widespread clinical use although allegedly they were conducting clinical trials as well. Months later when clinical experience showed it was not beneficial, it was quietly abandoned.

In contrast, ivermectin is a medicine with enormous worldwide experience as an antiparasitic (3 billion human doses over 40 years), with minimal side effects and and proven antiviral effects. Well known and quite inexpensive, numerous third world locations have tried it on their populations, with dramatic success. Granted, many of these studies are observational and not perfectly designed clinical trials (double blinded, carefully matched populations, etc.), but their results have been impressive, and almost uniformly ignored in the US.

I am a physician and have been involved in early treatment of more than 15 COVID patients with ivermectin – two daily doses based on weight (15 mg for a 170 pound patient). In my own little trial (conducted without government approval), all of the patients have been significantly improved 24 hours after first dose, and all have been virtually asymptomatic 48 hours after first dose. Four patients in their 50s and 60s had persistent loss of taste/smell after 48 hours, but none had fever, cough, shortness of breath, weakness, fatigue, clotting, etc. so typical of COVID.

One weekend I was feeling miserable after working with several patients who had not been treated early, a few died, and others, although survivors, had permanent crippling lung disease. In frustration, I wrote an email to the health secretary for our state, telling my results, pointing to ample sources of clinical evidence (especially the website run by several physicians with impeccable academic credentials who have been caring for the sickest of COVID patients since the beginning). I suggested that since ivermectin was proven safe, and POSSIBLY helpful for COVID in multiple trials, that our state should try it out in early COVID patients in hopes of limiting the crushing surge of these patients, showing up weeks later in our ICUs and cemeteries.

A few days later, I received a call from the chief pharmacist for the state. It was soon obvious that the reason for his call was not to thank me for my suggestion but to officially inform me that the FDA declared (as late as August) that ivermectin should only be used in approved clinical trials (of which there are few in the US, and none in my state). The FDA stated that available studies were not sufficient to form an opinion about ivermectin for COVID, although proceeded to express its prohibitory opinion anyway.

I asked this pharmacist if the FDA had any clinical trials showing that ivermectin did not work for COVID. He said no. I asked if the FDA had any evidence that ivermectin was unsafe in humans. He said no. I asked if the FDA had any approved treatment for early COVID that was superior.

Here he said that our hospital had just received a shipment of bamlanivimab, a fancy antibody treatment. I told him that we needed an affordable, available treatment for our population. He said that our hospital had received 100 doses. I explained that our daily positive test cases for our county had been 60-100 per day, every day of the previous week. But I told him I would forward this news to our hospital pharmacist.

I researched bamlanivimab online, discovering that (although our limited supplies were “free” from the government), the federal government paid more than $10K per dose. In addition, it requires a multi-hour IV infusion of a highly infectious patient, chewing up protective gear and potentially contaminating our staff and our hospital.

In informed him by email of these facts, and told him that I would continue to use the tools I had available to protect our staff and our patients. Until FDA approves a better (generally available) treatment, that will be ivermectin.

My most recent ivermectin patient is my high school classmate, who has been working throughout the pandemic as an emergency room physician. He and his daughter had recently become sick. He thanked me for the ivermectin tip, both of them were asymptomatic 48 hours later.

What an outrage that a highly trained and experienced emergency room physician should find out, many months into the pandemic, of a useful early treatment for COVID from another physician who has been using it under the radar because of FDA prohibition.

The only way to explain this story is that so many in media and government are so dominated by their political belief systems that they are unable (or unwilling) to seek/assess information that is critical to human lives. Even our scientists and physicians have an altered sense of reality.

We marvel at how previous historical generations made catastrophic blunders and committed monstrous evil. Their ability to think and reason was perverted by their faith based belief systems. We are no different. _________________________________________________________________________________

Postscript: I note with some amusement that NIH finally relaxed its stance on ivermectin about a week ago, apparently in response to pressure from group. Previously they basically prohibited ivermectin except in “approved clinical trials” (of which they sponsored none in the US).

Now they claim to have “not enough data” to recommend for OR against. They realize that the data strongly favor ivermectin and they will be forced to finally recommend in favor of its use, especially as we pass 400K dead in the US.

I have also noticed a number of videos on ivermectin being censored from YouTube and elsewhere, and comments in favor of ivermectin being deleted.

I commend these idiotic censors for their diligence, and ask them how they will look later, when ivermectin is widely accepted as effective, and hundreds of thousands of suffering and dying patients might have been avoided by proper information.

Anyone who disagrees about value of ivermectin is welcome to express their opinion by offering opposing evidence. I have yet to see any.


Link to the video

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    Video from Dr Marik: Medical Grand Rounds

Thank you for this! The great souls of this world give us their love…

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    Video from Dr Marik: Medical Grand Rounds

Excellent article by Prof Robert Clancy (path/immunology, Newcastle NSW Australia) 17 December, about vaccines and ivermectin/hydroxychloroquine. Strongly recommend. I have obtained HCQ and Ivermectin from SA enterprise Nagpur India plus Ivermectin paste for my ponies from U.K. vet. Supplies, apple flavoured 1.87% ! Thank you Peak Prosperity comments.

I mention in passing that I am a retired Anesthesiologist/ ICU of 37 years experience in U.K., Karolinska Sweden, and a teaching hospital in Sydney.

We are living through strange times.


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