Veterinary meds for doomsday stash?

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    Veterinary meds for doomsday stash?

Back in August I was working with a doctor on PP to get a prescriptions for the then best known covid meds (hcq + azith and ivm + doxy).


At the time the doctor offered to help me in future in building up a “doomsday” stash of commodity meds.   The sort of stuff you would want out in a camp in the wilderness when someone gets sick and there are no doctors around.

I now feel like the ivermectin story has played out in an interesting way in that even those who can get prescriptions are just going the horse paste route.  Basically cutting out the middleman.


My wife mentioned to me that a father of a friend of hers (in another country) was a veterinarian and the whole family just took animal meds for various common ailments rather than going to a doctor.  No one ever got hurt.   I wonder if this horse paste hack could be applied more widely?


What else could we get from veterinary supply stores that would be useful?


Im thinking about this now because of Biden’s recent Assistant Health Secretary appointment.   Its a stark reminder that we are not being led by serious people and are going to have to do for ourselves in all sorts of scenarios where we used to be able to rely on someone being there.

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    Veterinary meds for doomsday stash?

wotthecurtains, this is a great idea and one I have explored.  Several vets and farmers have assured me that many common vet meds are identical to human meds and made in the same factories.  They also use vet meds on their families.

For example, here is cephalexin for dogs and cats at

The 500 mg cephalexin pill is the same as what humans would use for many skin infections, UTIs and simple pneumonias.  The price is only $14.99 for 100 tablets.

Unfortunately, this medicine requires a prescription by a veterinarian written for your dog or cat.

So the vet would need to be very careful in his/her prescribing.

It looks like cephalexin for FISH does not require a prescription.   Some may baulk at taking horse paste meds, for me FISH meds are a little hard for me to imagine.  (No factual basis for that, just a visceral reaction…..)

FISH doxycycline is a bit more expensive than cephalexin, but WAY cheaper than human doxycycline.

FISH cipro

FISH amoxicillin

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    Reply To: Veterinary meds for doomsday stash?

What doesn’t require a prescription is homeopathics but you need to know how to use them. Clue: not allopathically.

There are also Stephen Buhner’s excellent books Herbal Antibiotics and Herbal Antivirals. I set myself up with a stash of his recommended antibiotics. As far as I’m concerned, they are stronger, and with fewer side effects, than what Big Pharma pushes.

And then there are energy treatments like reiki that once attuned you have for life.

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    Veterinary meds for doomsday stash?

Canada doesn’t allow non-prescription purchase of any antibiotics anymore, even for fish. So this means that if your fish gets sick you need to bring it to the vet or have the vet come to you.

There are a couple exceptions, unbelievably good luck being IVM and one or two others for horses. But I think that window will soon close.

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    Veterinary meds for doomsday stash?

But does that apply to the herbal antibiotics that Buhner recommends? For example, the CSA formula available from Woodland Essence. Cryptolepis (Cryptolepis sanguinolenta), Sida (Sida Acuta) and Alchornea (Alchornea cordifolia).

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    Reply To: Veterinary meds for doomsday stash?

MY wife and I have taken the “Fish” antibiotics with an issue. I like to have them on hand for various infections that may happen. I haven’t explored any other kind of medicine.

On a different note, sometimes there are medications that are not over the counter, but behind it, that if you ask for them they will give them to you. Kind of like the real pseudophed, but not being a controlled item. Meclizine is one I can think of I had to ask at WalMart for, but today I went to the little home town pharmacy and it was out on the shelf. It’s used for nausea and motion sickness like Dramamine and is a first generation anti-histamine. Quinine for Malaria used to be one, but I think it has been banned altogether, so don’t know.

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