Value of gold

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    Re: Value of gold


Just transporting the food will be to expensive.
So if your country don’t secure energy, food and defense in that order you need to do it yourself. First we will run out if energy. Then food will get scarce. Next the people without food will fight for there life to get some. If they do secure this gold might be a good idea. Then on the other hand the currency will probably hold to. There is shitloads of gold stanched up and if governments let that out the value of gold will drop hard.

 If by currency you mean those funny bits of paper the government is so fond of printing in ever larger denominations…..

By the time people are fighting for food, those bits of paper would most likely be getting used to cook the next meal. 

 As to the 8133 tons the US govt has, at $25.75 million per ton is only $209 billion ( wiki numbers ) Drop in the bucket…..

Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)

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