Valuable Book For This Year’s High School/College Graduates

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    Adam Taggart

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    Valuable Book For This Year’s High School/College Graduates

Unfulfilled by your job? Wish the work you do on a daily basis were more aligned with the person you are? (your interests and values)

You're not alone.

If you have a current graduate in your life this Spring, you're probably having lots of conversations with them about their goals for the future.

They're at a critical juncture in time, when they're setting the trajectory for their adult life. The decisions they make will have long-lasting implications.

So it's worth being aware that the majority of workers in America would chose a different career path if given the chance.

The reasons span a wide range. Some simply experience a bad fit with the career that fate steered them into. But the reality is, most people don't take the steps to find a more meaningful path.

Most students simply "follow the herd", influenced by their parents, their friends, and which companies are hiring right now. This approach is recipe for waking up years later, feeling trapped in a job you feel ill-suited for.

By that time, with debts to service and family obligations, the potential life upheaval and uncertainty that can come with a full-scale career transition often prove too daunting and overwhelming for most folks. And so they resign themselves to a future of lowered expectations. Of enduring their job.

That doesn't have to be the fate of your graduate.

Finding a Purposeful Path

Havin fulfilling "work" is a huge part of living with purpose. It occupies a large percentage of our waking hours and is often an equally large component of our self-identity. When our work is out of alignment with our passions, our natural abilities, or our values, it's nearly impossible to be content and for good reason.

To bring things into alignment, a process of self-discovery is necessary. Big existential questions like Who am I? What do I value? What are my strengths? What fulfills me? need to be faced head-on, and articulated in detail.

This is a very tall order, and, not surprisingly, these are challenging answers for most people to resolve on their own. But these insights are absolutely essential for transitioning successfully to work you'll love, because they'll define the requirements a job will need to have in order to be a "great fit" for you.

Graduates can find clarity and instruction on how best to undertake such a big endeavor in our book Finding Your Way to Your Authentic Career.

This book is a step-by-step manual for a tested process that yields the self-discovery, visioning, planning, and implementation that ultimately results in finding professional fulfillment. It has been analyzed for decades and is well understood by competent career counselors and coaches.

Its overall message is: Your purpose is out there waiting for you. There is a methodical process to find it and to transition successfully over to it.

Physical copies of the book are available for $15 at or through the CreateSpace store. Those with Kindles or iPads can download e-book versions for $9.95. (other e-book readers should be supported within 90 days). And if you're an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow the book for free on your Kindle.

The book breaks down the transition process into 3 Stages:

  1. Developing the insights & vision that will guide your efforts
  2. Aligning your focus & resources
  3. Securing authentic work

Each Stage has a progression of Steps comprised of specific exercises and practices for you to follow, as well as experienced advice to improve your odds of success.

There’s little about this process that is novel or complex. It doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money. It doesn’t require you to go through any special training beforehand.

The challenge lies in both having the courage to wrestle with yourself, as well as the reserve to see this journey through to its conclusion. But if you do, the odds of you ending up with a clear understanding of your “purpose” and in a job that’s consistent with it – are very good. Probable, even.

I can say this with confidence because I relied on much of the methodology within this book for my own career transition, from dissatisfied Silicon Valley executive to rural homesteader and proud co-founder of For those interested, I provide a glimpse into my personal story here.

During and after my journey, I spent many hours talking with seasoned career coaches and career management experts to identify the key success factors for finding one's "authentic work" and securing employment in that field. Many of those factors are discussed in this podcast with the most helpful expert I encountered in this process. I encourage any recent graduates who's not 100% clear on their future path to listen to it.

Doing work you love is a critical component of your financial and emotional resiliency. A career that energizes you, plays to your natural strengths, and gives you purpose is highly likely one that you'll excel in. And that outperformance will give you options you can leverage within an organization that recognizes your value. Or by enabling you to strike out on your own; to be your own employer. But even if the financial returns aren't as high as you'd like, the self-respect and fulfillment that comes from doing work you believe in will almost always make up for it.

I welcome any feedback on the book from those that read it. In the interim, here's what several reviewers have had to say:

Adam Taggart's new book, "Transitioning Into Purpose," is a terrific guide for anyone struggling to figure out not only what their ideal career is, but also how to get there. He walks the reader through a thorough, carefully constructed process full of helpful strategies and tips. I highly recommend it.
~ Jennifer Winn, President, Winn Performance Partners
Adam Taggart shares the personal story of his own career exploration and discovery, while offering practical advice based on the lessons he learned from embarking on that transformational journey.
~ Marie Mookini, former Director of MBA Admissions at the Stanford Graduate School of Business; currently Principal at the Admission Advisory Group
Millions of people have traded career satisfaction for job security. But that security is illusory, as the nature of work is being revolutionized by global and technological forces. Adam’s book provides a practical roadmap for navigating the new economy and gaining the key understanding that a fulfilling career based on self-knowledge is our only true security in a fast-changing world.
~ Charles Hugh Smith, proprietor of and author of Why Things Are Falling Apart and What We Can Do About It.

If there's a recent grad in your life whom you think would benefit from this book, please let them know about it.                            


                                                           Get The Book


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    I have made it a habit of

I have made it a habit of giving graduates books that I think might help them, or open their mind to somthing they most likely weren’t exposed to in school. Just so happens one young man that is graduating this year is receiving Finding your way to your authentic career, by Adam, and Mate by Tucker Max, and Geoffrey Miller PhD.
I think this is much better then just giving them some money. Although I have given a few graduates some silver rounds that I thought had a meaningful symbol to that student, with attached letter explaining why.

Great idea Adam your $15 dollar book could add much more worth to someone’s life, than $40 dollars in an envelope ever could.

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    I bought a copy of Adam’s

I bought a copy of Adam’s book (thoughtfully signed by the author!) at the Sebastopol gathering and presented it to my niece a week later while attending her graduation from Humboldt State (major: French!??  Her mother wouldn’t tell me what the out-of-state costs of that degree were….).  I gave the book to her in a quiet moment of the family gathering afterwards.  She looked at the cover and then at me and said “Thanks.  I really need some help”.  I’m sure the book will provide more value to her life than the the C-note tucked in the pages….Aloha, Steve

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    You picked a book you wrote?

You picked a book you wrote? 🙂 

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