Vaccine as an ‘operating system’

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    Vaccine as an ‘operating system’

Curious as to why Moderna refers to it’s “”vaccine”” as ‘an operating system’? Catherine Austin Fitts shares her insights with Greg Hunter;

Investment advisor and former Assistant Secretary of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts contends CV19 and the vaccines to cure it are more about control than depopulation.  Fitts explains, “I think the bankers are trying to chip us.  Moderna describes their injection, gene therapy as an ‘operating system.’  I agree with them.  I think they are trying to download an operating system into our bodies.  I don’t think it was an accident . . . the man President Trump appointed as head of ‘Operation Warp Speed’ was an expert at Brain-Machine interface. . . . Just like Bill Gates downloaded an operating system into your computer and made you update it regularly because of the threat of another virus, I think they are trying to play the same game with human bodies.  It’s hard for people to fathom if they have not been following the advancements in biotech and to fathom how much money the bankers can make if they can achieve this.  We just saw the Chairman of the Federal Reserve talking about the economy was getting better because the vaccination rate was going up.  I think that’s code for the bank stocks are going up because we are downloading operating systems in more and more people, and our stock reflects that.  We get a pop on our stock for every person we can remotely control with our operating system. . . . If you look at the deaths and adverse events, and the failure to provide true informed consent, we are talking about the greatest violations of the Nuremberg Code in history—now.”


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    Vaccine as an ‘operating system’

Hi Brushhog,

I agree that the lipid nanoparticle coated in polyethylene glycol with DNA or RNA at its center is a delivery system technology.

A variation is the adenovirus delivery system.

And anything can be put on the inside of the delivery vehicle.

So this vaccine may or may not cause trouble in itself.  But if they can establish the right to mandate vaccines even to those who refuse (“for the public good”), then a genetic modification system for future use has been created.

Future use of this delivery system, for other purposes, seems very very likely.

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    Vaccine as an ‘operating system’

Sand_Puppy, what you say is interesting.  Can you clarify or expand on “then a genetic modification system for future use has been created.” I don’t quite understand.  Thanks

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    Vaccine as an ‘operating system’

That’s an easy one. An almost-approved technology available for use in so many future fortune-making scenarios.

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    open source

Lipid nanoparticles get the “vaccine” instructions into your cells.  Then, the instructions cause your cells to produce whatever item the “vaccine” designers decided (in their infinite wisdom) that they wanted to produce inside your body.

Such as something that looks like a spike protein, with a chunk of bacterium flagellin tacked onto it, so that the immune system gets really excited.  (They call this an adjuvant).

I’m a big fan of “open source” because normal engineers can look at the code and see what it does.  As a rule, transparency helps to keep bad things from happening.

This “vaccine” is a “closed source” cell-programming mechanism.  We really have no idea what’s in the program.  They say this particular iteration of the cell-programming mechanism causes your cells to produce a fake spike protein, but did they mention that flagellin?  Not so much.  It was in the patent.  Is it also in the “vaccine”?  I’m guessing yes.  What else might be in there too that they didn’t mention?

If you had a recent bacterial infection, and then you are force-“vaccinated” by your company’s “vaccine” mandate requirement, might your immune system get upset seeing all those faux-bacterium-flagellins floating around your system?  Who knows.  We certainly don’t, because they didn’t tell us it was in there in the first place.  So we don’t know to look.  And it may not be in there.  Or it might.

Which I suspect it probably is.

Allowing a company to start bio-programming your cells without a complete “open source” disclosure is like trusting your body to Microsoft.  “I’m sure – without any ability to verify – that Microsoft is doing the right thing here.” [Brings a new meaning to the phrase: Blue Screen of Death]

I’ll let someone else inject the closed-source Bio-Program Version

Maybe when they do animal trials I’ll be more interested.  Or maybe not.  Windows never really did get much better.

Anyhow, long story short, I’d call it a bio-program-delivery-mechanism, rather than an operating system per se.

But I do agree that this mechanism allows “someone” to deliver pretty much any bio-program they want using this mechanism; “it’s proprietary.”  (Wait – injecting a “proprietary” bio-program into my body??)   And re-arranging the civilization to require people to accept delivery of this “bio-program” into their own bodies, ostensibly due to a virus that (mostly) doesn’t kill people, and has half-a-dozen solid treatments to it to boot, all of which are being suppressed by the national “health” organizations, seems more than a little bit spooky to me.

Its enough to make me really wonder what the real agenda is here.

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