Vaccinations or Gene Therapy?

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    Vaccinations or Gene Therapy?

Oliveoilguy wrote:

There is a distinction between instructing your body to make a part of a toxin to trigger an immune response, and injecting a vaccine that triggers an immune response. This is the subtle difference between a traditional vaccine and the mRNA “gene therapy “.


I’m not a medical professional either. I don’t know if this “vaccine” modifies DNA or if it somehow just uses our bodies to manufacture the “S1 spike” protein. If this modifies DNA, we’ll be producing the S1 spike protein as long as we’re living – part of our system will be producing the very thing we’re trying to identify as a foreign protein that we need to fight. Isn’t that the very essence of auto-immune? Hmmm.

If the “vaccine” just causes the body to temporarily produce the S1 spike protein, why not just jab us with the S1 spike protein? Isn’t that the tried-and-true strategy that vaccines have always used?

Viruses have a nasty habit of mutating prolifically. Genetic chunks of one virus can be combined with chunks of another virus to form a new virus. This happens all the time. Most of those new viruses aren’t viable. Once in a great while, it works. (Theoretically, this virus originated when a bat virus combined with a pangolin virus – or it could have been manufactured in a laboratory.) So, what happens when the virus successfully mutates to be viable without an S1  spike protein? Our immune system that has been trained on the S1 spike protein will not recognize the mutant strain. Depending on the new virus virulence, here we go again.

I won’t be getting the “vaccine.” There are too many questions left unanswered. I’d rather focus on giving my body the vitamins and minerals it needs to fight this and all other viruses. If I do get sick, I’ve got some apple-flavored horse paste to smear on pancakes.


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    Vaccinations or Gene Therapy?

@garystamper: The current mRNA-based products like BNT162b2/Tozinameran do not alter everybodys DNA after injection, and the vaccinated won’t grow a 2nd head. Trying to ‘debunk’ such nonsense claims is a fog candle and misses (imho intentionally) the point.

The actual problem is that in a small group – less than 1% of those who received injections – a spillover occurs, making these (relatively few) people technically a GMO. At the moment nobody knows what this genetic spillover causes in the long run as such studies about possible long-term are performed in vivo. It has been hypothesized that this spillover might mess with the human immunse system and cause autoimmune diseases. Everybody needs to decide for him/herself if he/she wants to be the lab rat with 1:100 or maybe 1:1000 odds.

Another mRNA issue has been raised by Prof. Dolores Cahill during consultation at the Corona Foundation Committee by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich et al., keyword cytokine storms. The session with Prof. Cahill starts about 22 minutes into the live stream:

Prof. Cahill emphatically asks to collect more data, especially for autopsies, validating death certificaes, and sequencing the commercial mRNA products by Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna. The latter might be a challenge as, at least in Europe, vaccinations occur in dedicated vaccination centers which are sealed off by security guards and the military.

Did anyone follow-up on the issue about sequencing what’s in BNT162b2 or mRNA-1273?

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