Vaccination for ex-Covid patients?

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  • Wed, Nov 11, 2020 - 10:20pm



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    Vaccination for ex-Covid patients?

In the Netherlands, the mister of health, Hugo de Jonge, proposed a vaccination card (like a drivers licence) in order to be admitted to public and cultural events, transportation, etc. in a talkshow yesterday The unvaccinated become 2nd class citizens.

In other countries, similar voices are being heard, especially now the Pfizer vaccin seems to be promising.

But now my question to be considered.

How harmful could a vaccination be for recovered Covid and ex- infected people, who are supposed to be immune?

I recovered from a most likely infection with very minor symptoms recently (thanks to ivermectin, vitamin D and the other recommendations here)? The worst ‘symptom’ was the fear: Will I still be alive coming Christmas? Will I get long Covid, so all my future plans will come to nothing?

It is totally unnecessary of course, but in order to participate in society still worth to be considered. It seems slightly treacherous, but anyway, I never swore allegiance to anything.

But could there be any health risks?

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    Vaccination for ex-Covid patients?

dont worry about being a second class citizen.  It will be temporary , when the vaxxers start to fall , they will be thankful that the non-vaxxers will be there to catch them

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