Us and them

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    Us and them

10 years ago I owned a very small company doing some webdesign for local businesses. Just me and my laptop. I didn’t even have to pay VAT because my earnings were too little. Let’s assume I turned my business into an Incorporated. Let’s assume this Inc has 1 quadrillion shares. Let’s assume a friend of mine thought that was a great idea and that he wanted to participate. Not much, just 1 dollar and he wanted only one share. We would trade this one share for a stockprice of 1 dollar. That transaction would make me by far the richest man in the world! I would be the first quadrillionaire! Because that’s what market capitalization or business value means. The stock price times the amount of shares. Just that. My quadrillion dollar worth company in fact only owned my laptop as hard assets.

Musk, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, Buffett they all are rich by the same mechanism as I wrote for my Webdesign Inc. Their fortune is just as real as my quadrillion dollar. This value only “exists” because somebody did some math in a bookkeeping.
There is no way to turn that virtual value into real value by selling these stocks. No one would want to buy it for that price and at least they will not want to buy it in those numbers. The only way to cash in big time, is by borrowing against it. Banks are not stupid. They see that my company is only worth a few hundred bucks. But the Fed is my friend and they will buy all the bonds that I issue. Since my the market value of Webdesign Inc is a quadrillion, they won’t mind to borrow me a trillion. So now I have real cash at hands. Cash to buy me land, real estate, gold.

There is another thing to this story. What to do with the debts? Well, easy, an Incorperate business discharges the owners for being responsible for the debts. Bankrupcy is not a shameful thing for these people. The limited liability was originally created to protect small business-owners for losing their house. But now that has evolved into a way to cash in the profits and to get rid of the debts.
That is why our education system is set up to create Obedient Workers, as George Carlin said. If everyone knew about this structure and use it, the structure would implode.

So far the introduction :-). The real wealth is not owned by the people mentioned above. They’re servants as well as the rest of us. Just a few chosen ones, higher in ranking. Real wealth and thus power is held by families. Not by individuals. Royals, ancient old bankers families, families that own the Champagne winiards, and also the Vatican. Their wealth is not measurable in dollar terms because it will never be for sale. They are the real owners. They own the ones that own the gouvernments.

To maintain power, you need to keep as much distance to the masses as possible. Be the ultimate Grey Man. Give bread and circuses. Devide and conquer. Give an illusion of choice. Give the illusion of being able to make a change. Make sure the “us and them” is amongst “them” and not against “us”. We have the choice to serve the ones that serve the owners, the left way or the right way. The outcome is the same.
In the meanwhile we smash eachothers heads because we are disagreeing with the way we should serve our owners. I live in Europe and have seen many gouvernments from left to right in all kinds of countries. Never any gouvernment made a real, significant change!
When they are talking about a New World Order, they do not mean an actual, real change in how the world turns. They are just making sure that the masses will accept the same old story, but in a different package. This will go on and on as long as people that otherways would be united, are devided over left-and-right lines. Or maybe one day on the green- to blue- or whatever-color-lines.
On this website we learn to take care of ourselves and to leave a better world inheriting. Let them have their yachts and bonga-bonga-parties. Let us here help each other. Move accross the down-up line instead of the left-right. Let’s stop smashing eachothers heads about who is the better slave.

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    Reply To: Us and them

Tulips are valuable , until someone realizes they are no longer valuable.  Or more so, someone of “influence and importance” acknowledges they are no longer valuable.

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