US action needed! Stores dairy force farmers to dump milk!

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  • Thu, Apr 02, 2020 - 05:13am



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    US action needed! Stores dairy force farmers to dump milk!

Call to US action this morning! Stores dairy force farmers to dump milk!

Idiot grocery stores that limit milk purchases are forcing farmers to dump milk instead of processing it for people to use — this as people are starving.  Engage locally today.  Check your local farmers and if they are OK, pressure the stores.
If local farmers need help, see if you can catalyze an effort to expand cheese factories and directly distribute their raw milk.  You may end up in violation of their contracts and local laws about distributing unprocessed milk.  Help them navigate that also.

Call every store in your neighborhood and tell them to stop limiting milk purchases. Write to all the major grocery chains to ask them to cut it out. No limits on milk purchases.
if your financial situation allows it, buy some milk for school lunch and food banks locally.
Tell all your friends to pressure the stores. If this continues dairy farmers will stop producing and both healthy food and the rural economy will suffer.  This is not just factory farms.  This is small family farms that have been holding on by their fingernail for 50 years.  This will probably be their death blow.

Please help today

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