Unsecured Loans With No Credit Checks: Alleviating the Credit Crisis for Us All

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    Unsecured Loans With No Credit Checks: Alleviating the Credit Crisis for Us All

The realities of the economic conditions we live in means bad credit scores are extremely prevalent. In fact, as far as the lending sector is concerned, it is now practically impossible to avoid lending to people who have bad credit histories. But with unsecured loans with no credit checks now available, practically everyone can get a loan.

This type of loan is a welcome move to millions of people who have been the victim of circumstance rather than deserving of a low credit score. Their difficulty in getting loan approval is lessened with no credit check loans meaning even the lowest scores are ignored.

Not every lender offers such an accommodating loan option, however, and even those who do have certain criteria that must be met before there are any loans approved without a credit check.

Lenders are in a risky business, and some degree of certainty needs to be provided before they are willing to part with their money. This is just one of several things an applicant should keep in mind.

Bad Credit Explained

Exactly how we can develop a bad credit score can be confusing to some people. The basic rule is if a loan is defaulted upon, if a credit card is maxed out, if a loan repayment is missed or arrives late, then the reputation of the borrower is damaged. Such borrowers benefit most from unsecured loans with no credit checks.

The reputation is reflected in the credit score, which ranges between 300 and 800. Generally, a score of 600 or less is considered bad credit, while anything over 700 is considered good credit. The mid-point between the two, 650, can be interpreted differently depending on the lender.

But with no credit check loans, such matters are of no significance. And since the interest rate charged by a lender is influenced by the credit rating, loans approved without a credit check can have a set rate applicable to everyone.

The Realities of No Credit Checks

The fact that unsecured loans with no credit checks are not affected by interest rates means that an applicant does not necessarily have to worry about facing very high interest rates. However, the concession made is that the rates are higher than those normally charged to good credit applicants.

The other fact to bear in mind is that unsecured loans are risks in themselves too. So, while no credit check loans are certainly welcome, the limit of the loan size is quite strictly set. Most lenders, for example, normally have limits of around $2,000.

The lifetime of the loan is usually very short also, perhaps no longer than 3 months, while the repayment source is generally from the pay check of the applicant. These kinds of loans, are also known as cash advance or payday loans.

The Advantages of These Loans

Despite such facts serving as a reality check, these loans are ideal for those of us with particularly bad credit scores. This is not just because traditional lenders are unlikely to approve an applicant, but also because unsecured loans with no credit checks provide a way for new loans to be repaid. As a result, the credit rating can slowly improve.

Because these loans are so small and manageable, two or three could be taken out over the course of the year. With each repaid, the credit score rises, and eventually the necessity for loans approved without a credit check will not longer apply.


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