UN Graph Shows Vaccinated Dying En Masse

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    UN Graph Shows Vaccinated Dying En Masse

The numbers meet!!: :O

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    UN Graph Shows Vaccinated Dying En Masse

Hard to see the chart, however it seems to indicate there are 2 scales on the chart… one for the cases per 100k and one for the vaccine metric which I cannot clearly see what the measurement is.

In any case, I am not sure why the numbers meeting at some point is a big deal… they also met earlier in the year too.  So what?  Is that vaccine metric a cumulative number?  It seems to only increase which suggests it is, and makes the point of crossing over with the covid cases irrelevant.

That being said, the correlation between vaccinations and cases increasing is interesting.  It can also be seen in a number of other countries too, however you can also find countries where the cases drop as vaccinations increase.  Correlation not always causation, and given the virus cases follows a very common pattern (increase, plateau and then decrease) it just depends where in the case cycle the vaccinations began.  I don’t think there is a strong relationship between the 2, and anyone suggesting there is might be cherry-picking their data.

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    Can anyone verify that the newly vaccinated will test positive with the PCR?

Has anyone seen data to support this.  I imagine the theory is that while the vaccine-induced spike protein is in their system, the PCR will be positive.  This requires 1) sufficient spike protein in their nasal passages, and 2) A PCR designed in such a way that vaccine-induced spike protein alone is sufficient for the test to think it has detected covid.

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    Apparently Spurious Visual Correlation

You’re right, Smeghead,

I pulled up the original chart from its Twitter source (visible in the video’s image, bottom right corner). It’s here: https://twitter.com/Covid19Crusher/status/1437359834391789573/photo/1

The heavy line is Daily Confirmed Cases normalized per 100,000 and averaged over 7 days. The “meeting point” indicates 27.5 new daily cases per 100,000.

The lighter line is the number of people fully vaccinated per 100K population, and looks cumulative over time. It indicates about 64,000 out of every 100,000 people are fully vaccinated. So, 2/3rds.

Average daily new cases is rising, and the percent of the population that is vaccinated is rising, too. As far as I can see, that’s all we know from the table.

The “meeting” of the two lines doesn’t mean anything. That they meet tells us nothing more than it would tell us if they didn’t meet, because both the scales are vastly different and the measurement is different. One is a 7-day trailing average per 100,000, the other is a cumulative number per 100,000.

At least, that’s how it appears to me, but I am no statistician.

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