UK data shows vaxed dying more than unvaxed

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    UK data shows vaxed dying more than unvaxed

I do not understand much of this but I think it’s important to post it so that people who are more math literate than me can draw their own conclusions. Interesting that the trend was clear by late April, which is very early.


Dr Norman Fenton, Professor of Risk Information Management, Queen Mary College, University of London, says that even when age adjusted, the latest UK data still shows that the death rate from covid is higher among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated.

ARTICLE TITLE: Comparing age adjusted all-cause mortality rates in England between vaccinated and unvaccinated
Norman Fenton and Martin Neil

23 Sept 2021

BODY TEXT:  UK Government’s own data does not support the claims made for vaccine effectiveness/safety.

The  latest Office for National Statistics report on mortality rates by Covid vaccination status (link) provides data on all deaths – Covid related and non-Covid related for  the period Jan-July 2021 for the unvaccinated and the different  categories of vaccinated (‘within 21 days of first dose’, ’21 days or  more after first dose’, ‘second dose’).

We believe there are severe weaknesses and possible errors in the ONS data..

(Basically the authors reweighted the categories and then made a new chart.)

…Overall, the chart shows that, over time, the weighted mortality rate for the vaccinated has steadily increased and by week 16 (23 April 2021), surpassed that for the unvaccinated.


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    Susan Heming

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    UK data shows vaxed dying more than unvaxed

Thanks. I took a look and it is very interesting.

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    UK data shows vaxed dying more than unvaxed

I’ll take some time this weekend to look at this again plus the original ONS data, but if this analysis is accurate, the mortality rate for the vaccinated is much, much higher than for the unvaccinated when you add the various groups of vaccinated up together. If this is accurate and the vaccinated figure it out, watch out! There will be hell to pay. Makes me think yet again thatthe vax push is to eliminate the control group.

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