Typical public reaction to this site

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  • Mon, Jan 12, 2009 - 03:19am


    Rosemary Sims

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    Re: Typical public reaction to this site

I agree with gr8tful about the excellence of your post, showshoebob.  There is no reason I can think of that we shouldn’t use the same marketing/selling techniques and advertising expertise as the best in the sheeple world (except that it might put some of our own thinking types off – but they’ll get over it when they are explained the benefits for all). I think about what a humongous effort it would be to translate CC into Rap or Facebook language, but that is exactly what we need I think.  Oprah seems to be logical and caring about her followers from what I’ve heard and I wonder if the mention of her here some time ago has been followed up? In my mind, there is no quicker way to pass the word other than on the internet.  

I too have had little success with passing the message about our future.  I think most people simply are not hurting enough yet to hear it and are in pure denial. I do think however that under NO circumstances should the character of cm.com change.  There could be another website, whatever.  This is home to our types and it should remain so.

As always, the hardest nut to crack will be those who are still comfortable (I mean other than those who don’t give a rap about the rest of their fellow humans).    These conversations on cm.com mean to me that we will find a way soon if only because of the enormous talent on this site, the obvious commitment of its followers and its exponential growth :).


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    Try another approach?

I wonder if anyone out there has played ‘the farming game’?
The man who produced it was a farmer who wanted to write a novel about farming, but was having trouble, and instead made a game. It isn’t a good simulation of farming, but it does have the look and feel and, well , it draws interest.

So I’m thinking about a game in which you start with a good economy, and certarn assets, and everything is exponentially growing… and going downhill.

So your goal is to stabilize. And maybe part of it is that each person crafts their own event card, and before you begin you choose half of them, and that modifies the game, but gets people thinking about events too…

Viewing 2 posts - 21 through 22 (of 22 total)

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