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Two Beers with Steve Skype Forum March 29, 2009 9 PM EST

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    Two Beers with Steve Skype Forum March 29, 2009 9 PM EST

Topics discussed this week will be:

1. the toxic asset purchase program ( i strongly recommend listening to CM’s podcast)

2. recruiting to the site (steps to get people motivated to come and view the crash course)

3. hopefully chris dudley can join us to talk about ‘community’ and explain the idea and answer your questions

4. what is in store for the CM website, what changes will be made? groups? organizing?

5. also, i need some technical help in loading up this skype forum to a podcast.

i’d also like to say that last week we experienced a ‘lag’ again and i think the only solution will be from now on if we encounter a lag that we simply split off into groups with Sam Linder taking half of the guests and I will take the other half. Hope to see even more of you at this weeks skype forum, thanks, Steve.

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