Trump Election Fraud Presser

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  • Mon, Nov 23, 2020 - 09:01am

    Penguin Will

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    It is reassuring…

… to see that this topic ended up being as hammer and tong as I expected. At least we haven’t lost the will to fight. With each other anyway. :p

I’ve got my pointy stick and I want to poke a couple things.


1) Election fraud has always existed. In every election, and this one as well. So any argument to my mind is what is its extent. Most times it is of a modest scale and can even be funny at times. Ex: If it is true that Joe Frazier actually did cast a vote for Biden to me that is comical. Can’t you just see some kid who has no idea who Old Smokin’ Joe was filling in his ballot?

2) I think there is an element of misdirection going on here. I say this as someone who preferred Trump to Biden. I’m open to someone actually proving that a group of miscreants in some far flung land were jimmying the computers and shifting votes… but you will have to prove it. And data anomalies in the second hand and very insecure feed provided to the networks is most assuredly NOT proof. You have to get the official first hand data that was actually turned in from the precincts to the counting stations. And then account for mistakes and corrections and whatnot. I haven’t seen that yet. Until then i am skeptical.

Further, all of that was not needed.

What happened was right out in the open and pretty much, to my mind, inescapable. In the large cities in the crucial swing states the voter rolls were scrubbed very well by a well financed and well organized crew. And legal or not, there was massive formal, or informal, ballot harvesting. Good luck getting anything proven on this before the election is certified. A US House election in NC was completely redone on much less evidence than is already out in the open on a massive scale in this presidential election.

This is what happens when you allow mass mail-in ballots to be sent out. This is almost impossible to avoid, almost impossible to prove once done, and completely impossible to rectify once the votes have been put in the mix. This is why it is illegal in almost every country in Europe and other like continents.

Trump lost this election when the decision was made to do mass mail-in ballots. When they were sent out to people who did not even request a ballot let alone provide ID to prove who they were? It was all over but the crying.


  • Mon, Nov 23, 2020 - 10:09am



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    Legacy media brainwashing dangers

@David Henry
You like Trump. A lot. I get that. But he lost. By over 6 million votes. That’s the reality and he hasn’t put forth any arguments that seriously question that fact.

Mate, you’re the one who runs from any and all arguments thrown at you. You’re a total waste of time, i.e. a troll. Stop being so pathetic and ADDRESS THE ARGUMENTS.

His rhetoric is poisoning our nation when he suggests his re-election is more important than the democratically expressed will of the majority of voters, who have chosen Biden. When Trump supporters start vaguely hinting at violence (re “1776”), please remember you are doing so in support of someone who doesn’t want to be a president, but a dictator.

No mate, your mind-controllers in Big Media and Big Tech are the ones poisoning your nation. YOU are the ones hinting at, in fact you’ve long even been DOING, violence. Your “side” are the ones doing it, but they control ALL information you’re exposed to… except us here, presumably. If they killed Syndey Powell or anyone else that they have created a false narrative about, you’d CHEER it. That’s how far down they’ve taken you for a ride.

Are you SO completely brainwashed beyond hope, Henry, that you can’t even agree with a neutral statement like this one from Oliveoilguy?: “I fully support the investigation into this system because I like Honest elections more than I like Donald Trump or Joe Biden.”

Or as Rick wrote:

Again my simple mindedness just thinks: shouldn’t we not only let the process work no matter who is declared the winner and in fact support the effort to uncover fraud IF it exists and for clarity if not.

One can not like President Trump and not want to see fraud – can’t we want a free and fair election not tainted by the apparently 1000’s of stories to the contrary – to be fair it doesn’t make them all true BUT don’t we owe it to ourselves and children to at least look honestly?

If this massive fraud is really true this may be the last time we as a country have a time to fix it.

But nah, to you, any claims of vote fraud is just delusional Trumpism. And you truly believe that WE are the insane ones, manipulated by propaganda lies. And you NEVER respond to any rebuttals like this one. How is that not you experiencing your reality completely under pervasive mind-control?

And as Rick further wrote:

I am not advocating compromise.

In any compromise between good and evil, only evil has anything to gain.

I understand that as well.

It is, however, a mistake to define everyone who does not agree with us as evil.

And it’s flirting with unmitigated disaster to be so close-minded on either side that dialogue is impossible.

The objective of useful dialog is to discover truth, not to shut the other side down by any means necessary and at any cost.

That’s EXACTLY right, and that’s why not for a moment will I suggest, until I ever see evidence, that David or Doug or anyone else is EVIL… yet they are allowing evil people to drill into their unconscious mind every single day some of the most pernicious lies ever devised, giving them the impression that Trump supporters are evil fascists/white supremacists/racists/xenophobes/sexists/etc who must be dealt with by any means necessary including violence.

@Mohammed Mast
You , we, everyone is on their own. There are no political solutions to the human condition.

Not true. The solutions are bottoms-up holarchical/hierarchical local organization, rather than top-down centralized globalized hierarchical organization. Trust in all institutions is collapsing and will continue to do so until WE the awakened, responsible, self-sufficient, high-information former sheep are somewhere around 20% of the population.

Magenta Pixie predicted the scenario we’re witnessing as one of the less likely timelines:

[The highest probability] given the frequencies that project intention into the pre-matter fields that then become actuality and physicality, is that your current commander-in-chief is he who wins the duel as it were, and takes his place for that which you call ‘second term’. However, this is the outcome based on the organic energetic, as in the true winner of the duel. Due to the fact that the service-to-self factions cannot raise enough intention in order to overshadow the light, as it were, they can in some way pretend that the duel has been won by them. Now this is a much lower probability outcome. Should this outcome become manifest in your reality, then it shall boomerang back, and true justice shall prevail.

Yet so too does the organic outcome hold a potential reaction — engineered, not organic — but this shall be the pretense that the fighter who wields the red sword against the fighter who wields the blue sword, within the duel, the fighter who wields the red sword did cheat and swindle. This falsehood shall be bought before the esteemed council of the wise, and again, true justice shall prevail. Either way, in response to your callings and questionings, we say to you, and we cannot say to you strongly enough, true justice shall prevail. We repeat: true justice shall prevail. Once true justice has prevailed, and the rightful winner of the duel takes his place as crowned king of the New Atlantis, the Aquarian and Atlantean energy shall merge. This is the expanded energetic of the Samhain gateway. It is emerging and coming together on all levels. At this point the true American flag shall be flown, and all those who hold integrity, honor, and the visions of liberty for all, shall be then sworn in with self-pledged allegiance to the king. Merging of what we call domains that you know as countries or places shall then take place.

Indeed the new world order armageddon timeline looks so similar to the new Earth paradise timeline, yet one is control from the few over the all, through command and order, and the other is the unified knights of the round table structure, through love, compassion, unity and service. Yet both hold resets and shifts within the systems upon your planet. Both hold financial resets, health system changes, education reconstructing, justice repositioning, old law becoming new, redefining of domain boundaries within countries and states, and spiritual renewal. The snake shall shed its skin within both armageddon and paradise core templates. One shall emerge as the serpent of the sea, the other, the dragon of the land. For a while the two shall coexist, yet the dragon, bound at first, shall become unbound and take to the skies. It is then that the serpents shall leave the oceans entirely, and shall either join their brethren on the land, or will leave your planet and make their homes elsewhere, within the vast cosmic reality of space and time. Yet within that vastness, there shall be much limitation, for negative polarization at some point must also enter into the merge.

For this is the law of the multiverse, and it is the way it is. The energetic of your Samhain gateway 2020 therefore brings with it much change, and is the crux of the great revealing. It is the time when each and every soul on Earth steps into their power, discovers their mission, and becomes a master in their field. Professions of workforce shall be respected like no other time in your known history, and the most menial tasks shall be revered like never before. Thus, after a time, your class system is reshuffled, and eventually is no more.

Samhain holds the energetic of your planet Saturn, yet there are multiple shades of the true planetary original, and all in your solar system is an emanation of an idea, creation or consciousness. This is the genesis genius template that is fully formed within your Samhain gateway, and is therefore fully aligned with the third eye seat of God chakra or your pineal gland, the crystalline window into all that is. This holds the frequency ray of indigo, and this is that which is now seen in its fullest clarity as you approach the end of your year of 2020, and move into your December solstice. The indigo ray, indigo revolution, indigo uprising, and indigo awareness, is the sovereignty and solidarity of a unified humanity. The indigo frequency is the genesis genius template where all souls on Earth walk the path of mastery in their chosen field.

What may look like destruction is in fact reconstruction in a new form. Yet two factions are vying for either a “new world order”, or the new Earth. Only that which holds sustainability is that which shall stand strong as you go forward. Now is the time for the light lines of intention to create and manifest all that the heart desires. Joy and bliss are the building blocks […]


So yeah, we’re in for a lot of “destruction” that becomes reconstruction, based on new templates of “unified knights of the round table structure, through love, compassion, unity and service”. This outrageous election theft may be the major Event that we needed to fully expose the organized crime network that has so effectively enslaved our fellow human beings, as we unfortunately witness even on sites like this one (e.g. David Henry and Doug).

  • Mon, Nov 23, 2020 - 11:34am



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    Obama won his first election by claiming election fraud

Election fraud never happens, right? It’s nonsense. In fact, Obama is “troubled” by the very assertion.

He believes you have to “think beyond your own ego and your own interests and your own disappointments.”

Just like he didn’t.

Wait, what?

Yes, Obama won his first seat in politics by disqualifying his opponents, and not just any opponents. Among his targets was Alice Palmer, not only one of his mentors but one of the people who had encouraged him to run for her seat when she ran in a primary for a Congressional seat that had opened up. She lost that primary and hoped Obama would step aside for her to return.

Instead, he got her kicked off the ballot.

She wasn’t the only one.

One other opponent who Obama eliminated by challenging his petitions, Gha-is Askia, said he has no hard feelings today about the challenge and supports Obama’s presidential aspirations.

But back at the time he was running for state Senate, Askia said, he was dismayed Obama would use such tactics.

“It wasn’t honorable,” he said. “I wouldn’t have done it.”

He said the Obama team challenged every single one of his petitions on “technicalities.”

If names were printed instead of signed in cursive writing, they were declared invalid. If signatures were good but the person gathering the signatures wasn’t properly registered, those petitions also were thrown out.

Askia came up 69 signatures short of the required number to be on the ballot.

That’s the Chicago way.

  • Mon, Nov 23, 2020 - 01:09pm

    David Henry

    David Henry

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    Reply To: Trump Election Fraud Presser

I have never been called a troll before but at least I’m not evil. Annoying but not evil; well my wife might agree with your summary of me! 🙂

In any case, I appreciate that we (red, blue, magenta, pick your color) can at least still talk with one another.

I did wonder if the election had been somehow stolen from HRC in 2016, but there was simply no real evidence. So I accepted that Trump won, and I didn’t have to like him, but he was our President.

For the record, I disagree with most Trump supporters, but I do not hate them and I don’t think they are racist, sexist, have questionable hygiene, or whatever else. My closest hunting buddy is a Trump supporter and one of the best people I know. We just don’t talk politics while we’re stalking caribou.

The most interesting thing to me now is that Trump’s legal team is talking about ‘fraud’ in their media press conferences, but they are scrupulously avoiding the term in the lawsuits they are bringing. This is an important point. It suggests they lack actual evidence. The Georgia hand recount revealed no problems with the original vote. And their lawsuit in Pennsylvania was thrown out by Federal Judge Brann (a lifelong conservative and member of the John Birch society) in scathing terms. More recently, part of Trump’s legal team, Sydney Powell, was let go. Of course I don’t know why this was done, but I’d hazard a guess it’s because her claims were so wild and with no evidence that they drew pushback from people including Tucker Carlson.

We all have our own personal beliefs (religious or otherwise), things that we take on faith rather than evidence. But the court system works only on provable evidence, and I think that’s a great thing. So far no widespread voter fraud that would have a significant impact on the 202o US presidential election has been found in court. I’m guessing that this trend will continue. If so, then I hope that this finding (that the 2020 election is valid), while not welcomed, can at least be respected, even by those who disagree with it.

I think many of us in the PP community see that what we have now is in many ways not working and we need to build something new, more humane, more sustainable. I absolutely agree with this point. But we also have legacy systems that are still the envy of the world in many ways, and I would include an evidentiary based judicial system as one of the important institutions that should be treasured and stewarded going forward.

  • Mon, Nov 23, 2020 - 01:54pm



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    Trump Election Fraud Presser. David Henry…

Your view seems reasonable.

But the court system works only on provable evidence, and I think that’s a great thing. So far no widespread voter fraud that would have a significant impact on the 202o US presidential election has been found in court. I’m guessing that this trend will continue. If so, then I hope that this finding (that the 2020 election is valid), while not welcomed, can at least be respected, even by those who disagree with it.

The problem with that view is three-fold. 1) Election issues are not necessarily resolved in a court of law. For instance the 1824 contested presidential election was resolved (per the Constitution) in the House of Representatives, which may be the venue Trump is ultimately angling for since he has a large advantage there. 2) IF the election was stolen using software which covers its tracks as it goes along, the issue might not be provable in court, though there would be revealing statistical anomalies (which there are, in spades). 3) Most importantly, guilty people go free in court all the time for a variety of reasons. The main problem with your reasonable solution is that at least 50-70 million US voters will make up their minds using court decisions as only one factor among many they consider before coming to those conclusions. I, for one, have already decided that the election was stolen from Trump and no court decision is going to change my mind. I have data and reasons for that that impress me far more than the court decisions I’ve seen so far.

I expect this election will break something really important in America, causing scores of millions of citizens to give up on “working through the system.” Call it Peak Trust (and trust has been eroding for decades, not just this year or month).  If the Democrats want to keep the country together it would seem to me they’d go out of their way to transparently investigate all these claims to keep as many of those 50-70 million citizens from giving up as possible. Instead, they seem hell-bent on inaugurating Harris/Biden immediately in the minds of the nation, and shutting down all claims of fraud as fast as possible without any serious investigation. That more than anything else is ringing the alarm bells in my head (far more than any court opinion). When the shoe was on the other foot in 2000, they cheered Gore’s challenges right up to December 13, but today we’re told to shut up and submit on November 4.

We’ve spent the last 4 years watching what it’s like when the Democrats, the MSM, Silicon Valley, and the Deep State don’t accept the results of a presidential election. That has been bad enough. I really dread seeing what it might be like for 4 years if the other side refuses to accept the results of an election and gives up on working within the system and obeying the law.

And then I consider there are those among us who see the US as conceived in sin and thoroughly evil to its core ever since. They have the belief that the US must first be destroyed or brought to its knees before we can “Build Back Better.” So they don’t see this moment as a crisis to be averted, but actually part of their plan: destroy America in order to rebuild it as somebody’s idea of a utopia. So they don’t want to avert a crisis around this election, they want to throw gasoline on the fire to make the destruction as complete as possible. Amongst those people are those who genuinely believe the primary problem is “reeducating” or eliminating those who voted for Trump or worked for him. They are making lists of people who “have to be dealt with” just like communist revolutionaries do.

  • Mon, Nov 23, 2020 - 02:51pm



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    Trump Election Fraud Presser

I think the more notable issue of the problem is that he US does not feel secure.  Things have gone the wrong direction way too fast too long.  Mostly for about 20 years and less so, about 35 years.

This election held more meaning to most americans.   What did trump do..sometimes doing nothing is better than doing something..   reducing taxes is more doing nothing.   withdrawing from climate policies,  is doing nothing.    Adding tariffs chinese imports is something.

We are looking at something considered much more radical with the biden harris admin.  Because what they will do, vs not do.    These things need to be eased in rather than hammered in/.   I believe we are going to see a huge hammer.   AND we wont see all the out-come of that immediately. it may take 3-10 years to fully realize.

I believe their policies are way too aggressive.   We are past easy fixes… so who knows.  But I do not believe these are the correct ones.  I know the republicans do not have fixes either.   But, this kind of like medicine.. do no harm,  even if the patient is going to die in the long run.   maybe, someone will come up with a solution before the patient dies.

  • Mon, Nov 23, 2020 - 03:28pm



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    Trump Election Fraud Presser

In most venues the statistical evidence of fraud is enough (just think tax returns or insider trading convictions); so I am perplexed why people expect a higher burden of proof (other than heartfelt bias) in this election. In Canada we have Supreme Court judges who have felt free to interpret the law as they feel it should be, not what our constitution said, or legislators have passed; it is not going well.

  • Mon, Nov 23, 2020 - 03:35pm



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    Reply To: Trump Election Fraud Presser

I agree 2ret.   I am not sure why you need proof to get to court.. Proof is decided by the court not the judge.. to determine before the process.   There just needs to reasonable cause ,  WHICH there is plenty of.   These judges are scared, because their decisions could undermine the system “even if rightfully so”  and they are very scared .. they basically think its easier to do this.. and harm the system..    rather than the truth.   My point is ,. if no fraud existed.. why are you scared of the court room and due process?

Actually, I have consulted with an attorney.  I will likely be filing suit in MI and PA and WI.    I have have grounds beyond the presidents for this.    We will know shortly.  We may have class action , but it would only expand to my state and one other.

  • Tue, Nov 24, 2020 - 07:37am



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    Trump Election Fraud Presser

It is up to the plaintiff to present a prima facie case before it can move on to trial.   A prima facie case is one.that, in the absence of any defense, would prevail.  In all of these cases the administration cannot clear even that very low bar.  In a fair court there would be sanctions against the plaintiff for wasting the court’s time with frivolous suits.

  • Tue, Nov 24, 2020 - 08:11am   (Reply to #39)



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    Trump Election Fraud Presser

Is that decision made by an impartial party?

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