Translation vs Localization

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    Translation vs Localization


I’m currently translating the CC in French.

But translation is just one side of the job. Localization is the other side.

The CC is focused on the USA. I understand most OECD countries are in a similar situation with particularities. Some are net exporters like Japan and Germany. Others are "Nanny States" with huge tax levels like Belgium (my own country), France…

However, it is often difficult for foreigners to compare its own situation to the US. They might think, like I did, it is a US-only problem which does not concern them, or has been cured by now.

So I beleive it would help to localize the numbers, charts and other data. Possibly also the currency.

In the EU, we have some data for all 27 member countries. But I’m not familiar with this and waste a lot of time searching for them in our buracratic-monster: country + EU + EuroZone + Shengen + OECD + IMF + … Is there anyone familiar with these here?

We might first localize for UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, NZ… since it does not require translation.

Comments please?

What are the priorities?

PS: S’il y a des francophones qui peuvent donner un coup de main pour la traduction, ils sont les bienvenus.


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    Re: Translation vs Localization


I think this is imperative in making the Crash Course a truly global work.  Your suggestion in starting with the low hanging fruit is good.

I think the first thing we need to do is go over the Crash Course slide by slide and do a write of the required changes for each.

If we wished to localize to, say, 5 countries as you suggest, a matrix would likely be the best way to present this data.

Slide number in rows, country in column.  Notes for changes where each one intersects.

That way we can move towards a revised script and images for each one.

Fujisan, are you game for this?

I will need to appoint a team leader as I have several people interested in translation/localization, so you’re the guy if you want it.


Let’s take this to the appropriate folder and begin a project thread for it.






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    Re: Translation vs Localization


I’m currently translating the CC into French. So far I translated up to Ch. 8 – The Fed. I’ve just sent an email to Amanda & you concerning this.

I’m currently busy with the French translation, so I prefer to stick on this for the moment. Please also remember my native language is French, not English. It’s harder for me to write in English and it would take me more time than I can spend and I’m sure I make plenty of mistakes…

Here are just some Q&D ideas I’m writing as I get them:

I agree it would be nice to localize everything, but it may prove a really hard job. Surely we need volonteers for this, but we don’t want to make their task so hard they won’t join or will start then quit. Keep things simple and easy.

IMHO the easiest way to go with localization would be to insert a country-specific chapter somewhere. Explaining the similarities, differences…

The Intro could introduce this additional chapter. Something like:

[quote]Although some chapters focus on USA, if you live abroad it also concerns you, your family, friends, country and …  yes, everyone on our precious planet. You will/may find chapter ## which focus on your country.[/quote]

And possibly refering to this web site for further information.

I’ve no idea how this could go in the DVD edition since I’ve never designed a DVD. 

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