Trail camera solar battery–any other uses?

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  • Mon, Jul 13, 2020 - 09:48am



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    Trail camera solar battery–any other uses?


Last Christmas I ordered a trail camera and solar battery backup for my husband for Christmas. Unfortunately, the camera ended up being oversold and Cabela’s cancelled that part of the order weeks after shipping me the battery, so now I have a solar battery and no trail camera. I’m wondering if there’s any way I can use it for anything else besides a camera. It does have a camera cable attached to it, so I’m assuming I’d need to do some jury-rigging of some kind.

Here’s the model I have:

Today I know a little more and would have bought a better solar backup to begin with (one with broader uses than simply charging a trail camera), but…yeah. Not much help to me now.

Any advice would be much appreciated!


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