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Today’s Jobs Report

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  • Fri, Feb 01, 2013 - 06:58pm


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    Today’s Jobs Report

We're experimenting with boosting our PR outreach. One of our first hits came early this morning, when Chris was interviewed this by TheStreet on the just-released jobs report.

Chris had less than ten minutes to review the data before going live on air, and the entire interview lasted only tow, so the discussion ended up being pretty cursory. Had he had a little more time, he planned to mention that at this rate of job creation, we are 3-5 years away from bringing the unemployment rate down to the Fed's target of 6.5%, when it would stop easing. And that if nothing bad happens to derail the current momentum (a BIG if).

If you're living off of a fixed income, or managing a pension fund, that's means the end to poorly-yielding interest rates is still a long ways off.

[update: since posting this, Chris has since released his more detailed thoughts to our enrolled members]

Click the image below to watch the segment:


Hopefully, getting Chris out there on more widespread media will give him the opportunity to deliver our message to a bigger audience that can really benefit from hearing it. Today he also spoke with Dow Jones and with Amercia's Radio News. We'll post these as future media clips as we receive them.

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