“Today, we face a new Bretton Woods moment”

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  • Sun, Oct 18, 2020 - 07:31am



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    “Today, we face a new Bretton Woods moment”

This video message from Kristalina Georgieva, the Managing Director IMF, appeared on the IMF website on October 15, 2020.


“Today we face a new Bretton Woods moment.”

She states:  “We can do better than build back the pre-pandemic world and move forward to a world that is more resilient, sustainable and inclusive.  We must seize this new Bretton Woods moment.  How?”

She discusses her three “imperatives”:

1.  The right economic policy.

2.  Policies must be for people.

3.  Climate Change.

One really does have to read between the lines with her message.

What does the PP tribe think about this?

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    Mohammed Mast

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    “Today, we face a new Bretton Woods moment”


Oh Boy the aristocrats are going to tell us how it is going to be again.

When you have been around a while you understand that there are different kinds of horseshit. The kind you can fertilize your garden with and the kind you can’t

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    Re: “Today, we face a new Bretton Woods moment”

Found this explanation:

  • Sun, Oct 18, 2020 - 07:14pm

    Redneck Engineer

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This is a big deal. It’s the kind of step necessary to implement a global currency reset, regardless of what final form it may take.

Recall that India suddenly demonetized some of its currency in 2016, on Nov. 8, while the world was distracted with Trump vs Hillary.


Given the swirl this year around C-19 and the US election, I expect more events like this to happen. And, key announcements to happen on the weekend or Friday evenings so it goes under the radar.

No guarantee of such timing, but certainly advantageous to the powers that be.

I don’t know what overall timing there is, or if there is a specific schedule. I expect a lot of this is still to be worked out and negotiated. As they say, he who has the gold sets the rules, so central banks are buying it up ahead of the call to the table. Then they can hash out some of the details based on who has the most.

Some details, like the push for cashless society, seems a foregone conclusion. Someone (I forget who) pointed out that the US election outcome is largely irrelevant when it comes to the really key issues, but the establishment is pushing for Biden who would side with a global reserve currency approach (maybe centered around the IMF, in keeping with the video release) while Trump would favor a reset based around nations keeping control of their currencies. I think that’s a good assessment. When the time came, Trump is more likely to be open with the public about the issue than Biden.

Without favoritism either way, I think that’s a fair assessment of the two.

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    “Today, we face a new Bretton Woods moment”

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    One Report which Davos 2021 will use to justify their “Great Reset”


Link to Report


Overview McKinsey and the WEF



Went through – roughly  -this 176 page report (first link), which was produced by the advisor Group to the WEF, McKinsey (second link),  in February 2020 and obviously compiled BEFORE COVID.

The word ‘COVID or SARS’ appears zero times in this report.  The word ‘reset’ appears zero times.

Perhaps it is a coincidence that this statistically -‘evidenced’ report – which is mainly a justification for their “reset” plan for us -was produced before COVID – but COVID is supposed to be the reason FOR the reset,  or so them say in their Great Reset Propaganda?

This report is a pile of confusion, and if it were hardcopy, it could be of use in your chicken coops.

The report uses alot of graphs and figures to demonstrate that the world has not been serving its population generally fairly and the poor suffer most.

How novel a thought, I must say.

The WEF will  -like chubby rats to the cheese – use this dog’s breakfast of a report – and its bespoke statistics, to help prove the need for the IMF conceived  “Great Reset”, in Davos 2021.

To start they “F up” the title…They corrupt and confuse the term “social contract”.  BTW, First time I am seeing the use of this word within socio-economic/sustainable development literature since I started working in it in 1982.  

As usual, the Bretton Woods agencies love to use words.  Words are their weapons.  Many professional staff have legal training and whoever can wield the words with prowess, rules the day.  So they are up to the same old tricks.  Using a democratic term “social contract”  to trick us into thinking they are democratically minded.  Perhaps also getting us used to the two words together  – social/contract.

IF a country was truly democratic, uncorruptedly democratic, then any agreement with citizen and state, would thus be a majority – ruled People’s agreement – because the people elected their state official and thus that representative would reflect 51% or more of the wishes of the electorate.

But no, that is not the case today.  We the People and our finance and governance structures are nothing more than the collective “bitches” of the Big Banking system and its  tenticled links with the multi-national,  multi-sectored, powers that be.

Thus the WEF and its cronies are in fact representatives of the banking elite, working,  with the technological elite, other highly elite, and God knows who/what else, and are to become our more apparent and formal Overlords for the 21st Century.

With a sly grin, atop nicely tailored clothes, they will say..

But we are your democratically elected officials…so you are really deciding for yourselves, you see.

Reminiscent of how the devil’s greatest trick of all, is making you believe he doesn’t exist.


That is my work for today.  I now go to make my birds, my family, my friends and myself more resilient.

As others have noted we must put our own oxygen masks on first before trying to address the bigger picture.  To me it is a balance, as I feel we must keep trying, however we can in whatever small way, now, each day, to not only prep for those close by and close to heart, but to work to influence things, because I see walls of freedom closing in.

And fast.

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