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Today I’m thinking about older homeschoolers and plans for their future

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  • Wed, Dec 19, 2012 - 04:12am


    Amanda Witman

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    Today I’m thinking about older homeschoolers and plans for their future

My kids all know that college is not a given for them.  I have already made it clear that if they do go to college, we'll need to do it without taking on debt.  Very, very different than the way my generation approached college.

We are dyed-in-the-wool unschoolers, but my oldest is academically inclined and eager to see if we can get him into community college classes. He is 14.5 and technically a high school freshman.  We are talking a lot lately about what he'll do next fall and how he'll spend the next three years preparing for a) the possibility of applying to college if that's a realistic option, and b) the likelihood of needing to make a living for himself beginning at age 18.  Since he's my oldest, we are just trying to find our way through trial and error, but I imagine that these two necessary paths will form the foundation of our "homeschool high-school experience." 

I would LOVE to hear what others are planning with (and expecting of) their homeschooled teens given our understanding of inevitable shifting in the economy, energy, and the environment.  How are you preparing them, or helping them to prepare themselves, for what lies ahead?

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