To Vax or Not to Vax? -Poll

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    To Vax or Not to Vax? -Poll

The question is how many here are going to Vaccinate as soon as available?   It looks like we could be ready with 100M doses before years end.

7Mos for Vaccine from start to finish does not seem safe for me.   I know that vaccines are not safe in general.  I am basically an antivaxxer.  But i weigh the risk/reward.  This thing can cause death and can maim.  You pretty much need to take it almost.    But then you could have all sorts of other problems.  It may not be effective.  worse it may not be safe,   You could have some abnormal immune enhancement like ADE.  There has never been a coronavirus vaccine.   I would think we want a study with 1000s ( not just perfectly healthy )  where you could challenge them at 4 weeks 8 weeks and 12 weeks all the way out to 36 Months.  What about a cross-challenge with similar virus(cold ?) what about booster vaccines.. or annual or bi-annual vaccination?  How many are safe – how much immune stimulation?   How strong is the vaccine?   anyway, I wanted other’s feedback

here is a pretty good article, Doesn’t really give anything new.  But it does revisit the issues that the vaccinations face immune enhancement still be a possibility.

Where do I stand?   I am do no harm; do not put medicine in healthy people.  I would much rather find a treatment..  If given a choice of a vaccine and HCQ for 5 short days, I can tell you which one I would take .. without hesitation..    HCQ all the way.

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    To Vax or Not to Vax? -Poll

Hey Jack, I know 2 people who had Covid-19! Received HCQ and still had to go through a month+ of sickness, but they did recover.

My wife and I will get the Vaccine based on what the Doc’s are saying at the time.  We have had good luck with vaccines so far.

we have reservations in Florida, of all places, for next February!!

Stay well.

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    To Vax or Not to Vax? -Poll

I don’t feel comfortable with the ways these vaccines are being developed and pushed. Until I see the evidence that some of these vaccines are really safe, I’ll not take it. I don’t trust almost all institutions now.

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    Vaccines in general are not safe

I am not anti-vaccine: I am pro safe and effective vaccines.. For me, the risk was outweighed by the benefit for particular vaccines given my chances of exposure.  Sometimes vaccines are just sh*t. In the case of rabies, you stand an equal or better than equal chance of contracting the disease from the vaccine than the bite.

Nothing about the hurried Covid vaccine is safe. Have you seen the Ukraine results? 15 soldiers vaccinated- 8 went to ICU, 3 died. *About any debunking, much like the Wayfair story:  still don’t have a satisfactory explanation as how two identical ordinary cabinets have prices in tens of thousands of dollars.  With multiple countries making their own versions, which one is “good enough” to allow me to travel?

Google has removed many anti-vaccine websites or blocked access. “We’re protecting everyone from mis-information.” Seems like a convenient way to control the narrative. By forcing vaccines on people, I can give you a problem that may happens months down the road. An example is the paralyzing, recurrent Guillain Barre Syndrome with young victims from the ’76 Swine Flu Vaccine.

There are serious safety issues with ALL vaccines… not an opinion, not a viewpoint… documented problems. Vaccines are protected legally from prosecution even with gross contamination and negligence which makes for little to no over sight or quality control.

1986 Congress passed a law making it impossible to sue vaccine manufacturers. Here’s a history.

If you choose to vaccinate, and the Pharma data is true (caveat), then unvaccinated people pose NO RISK to you. There has NEVER been a successful RNA based vaccine. In fact, the data of vaccines tells of anything but success. No one mentioned during the measles outbreaks among young adults that the MMR obviously doesn’t provide life long immunity. This is an RNA based vaccine. Colleges require MMR boosters for admission. If you’re vaccinated, how come you’re sick? One study noted that if the first dose of vaccine happened at 15 months of age, they were MORE likely to get it. There is known evidence of decreasing immunity over time post injection. Mumps in a post puberty male raises chances of infertility. If you have these diseases as a child, you have life-long immunity.

Politics and Money- The patent holder of the MMR, Merck is still embroiled in a lawsuit by two whistleblowers who witnessed the company alter data to improve the efficacy. Bosses lied and submitted these documents to the FDA. If this mandated internationally vaccine is a fraud, what else is false?

Quality Control is Non-existent      China and India  are big in the word-wide vaccine market.  Two consecutive years, a Chinese firm exported tainted DPT vaccine that was documented to have killed children within China. 2008 Congressional hearings with the FDA revealed that although over 80% of all drugs coming into the USA were from foreign sources, inspected only 10-30%  of them. Admitted they had no jurisdiction overseas.

The Italian study in International Vaccines and Vaccinations examined 44 samples of 30 different vaccines, and found dangerous contaminants, including red blood cells in one vaccine and metal toxicants in every single sample tested – except in one animal vaccine. Previous documented recalls after deaths included vaccines contaminated with Staph Aureus, and glass shards given to infants.

2009 Baxter sent out seasonal flu vaccine containing live H5N1 military grade flu. The receiving countries caught it when they injected test animals and they died of H5N1.    

Vaccinated people shedding virus or being the source of outbreaks.   The phenomenon of measles infection spread by MMR (live measles-mumps-rubella vaccine) has been known for decades. 20 years ago, scientists working at the CDC’s National Center for Infectious Diseases, funded by the WHO and the National Vaccine Program, discovered this disturbing fact about the MMR vaccine: it leads to detectable measles infection.  What if this were true with Covid vaccine?

Published in 1995 in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology and titled, “Detection of Measles Virus RNA in Urine Specimens from Vaccine Recipients,” researchers analyzed urine samples from newly MMR vaccinated 15-month-old children and young adults and reported their eye-opening results as following:    Measles virus RNA was detected in 10 of 12 children during the 2-week sampling period, sometimes as early as 1 day or as late as 14 days after the children were vaccinated. Measles virus RNA was also detected in the urine samples from all four of the young adults between 1 and 13 days after vaccination.

That’s why a fully vaccinated 22-year-old theater employee in New York City who developed the measles in 2011 was released without hospitalization or quarantine…She transmitted the measles to four other people, …two of the secondary patients had been fully vaccinated. Although the other two had no record of receiving the vaccine, they both showed signs of previous measles exposure that should have conferred immunity.

Are there immune boosting alternatives to vaccines? Maybe.     During the ’90s, a Chinese doctor successfully treated a number of Ebola Zaire patients with high dose oral selenium. Zn and selenium inhibit furin. Since Ebola, HIV, and SARSCov2 operate in similar manners on the CCR5 gene and use Furin, seems plausible it could be used against Covid. Low selenium’s role in permitting a virus to become deadly:

The first comes from the recent dramatic discovery that a selenium deficiency in a person or animal triggers a mutation in the coxsackievirus. The common form of this virus is generally benign, causing symptoms no more serious than a common cold or sore throat. The coxsackievirus mutation, however, attacks heart tissue, causing Keshan disease (a type of cardiomyopathy) and heart failure.

Heart failure from a virus….sound familiar? Could it be that the Chinese and other areas had horrendous death numbers are partially due to low selenium in the soil?

What about other things to help fight viruses? The World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) issued a joint statement recommending that vitamin A be administered to all children diagnosed with measles in communities where vitamin A deficiency (serum vitamin A <10 µg/dL) is a recognized problem and where mortality related to measles is ≥1%. The recommended regimen is 100 000 IU by mouth at the time of diagnosis for infants younger than 12 months of age, and 200 000 IU for older children.

I’d rather try to boost my immune system and use benign things like HCQ.  I may be forced into it, but I do not want their vaccine.


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    Vaccines as bioweapons

Their actual ingredients, admitted ones and not-admitted ones, and their (highly predictable) effects [can’t make a link as this another CENSORED source of information by PP forum software, so copy-and-paste it: https: //vaccine-], reveal that vaccines were at some point down the line trojan-horsed and turned into depopulation bioweapons, camouflaged as medical necessities.

If you don’t believe this yet, start researching — open those 3 links above.


[EDIT: More BANNED/CENSORED links by PeakProsperity… and it remains unaddressed… I can edit the original post but it’s invisible… notice this is post #6 but #5 is missing]


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    Reply to HotHot

Thanks for the very detailed summary.  You said:

2009 Baxter sent out seasonal flu vaccine containing live H5N1 military grade flu. The receiving countries caught it when they injected test animals and they died of H5N1.

H5N1 is said to have a 60% fatality rate.  Hopefully NIAID, EcoHealth, and WVI didn’t conduct GOF on that, too.

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    Reply To: To Vax or Not to Vax? -Poll

Morning All –

My gloves of polite dialogue are off and years of diplomatic training have significantly waned.     You have been thus warned.

Well I am 61.  I have lived overseas away from my “home” Toronto, Canada since 1986.

All these years I was the one who visited “home” 90% of the time.

I have already decided that I will not take a vaccine if they try to force it.  I therefore may never fly again and I couldn’t care less.  All my family and friends can visit me if they want to -all welcome  – as always  its free ride heaven in my home.

You see, the Deep State can only rule if we let them.  I have fallen out with most of my Canadian friends because they are selfish and only think of their own risks and do not think of the whole and longer term.  They are in my mind mostly fools and cowards and COVID has indeed revealed many people’s true values – which are to serve themselves and look away – basically.  Not even are they sheeple because they have the opportunity to know better and do better.

So NO –  Mr. Gates  –  I am not having your heavy metals – ridden, poorly tested vaccine to make you the first trillionaire (well second to Jacob Rothchild).  I am sorry that you are a homely nerd who is attempting to become  the “cool” guy you never were –  a modern day Spiderman type, or maybe the Bionic Man is more your style .  Honestly though if you got a  private trainer and new hair stylist, that is alot easier way to feel cool and important…unless the reason you have already purchased the global vaccine framework is because you really do want to follow your heritage and depopulate the ‘lessers’.

Your cashmere golf sweaters can stay – classy, timeless and I am sure, soft.

NO   – Antler wearing Rothchilds  – I am NOT putting any money in any of your 100 banks you own.

NO  – Amazon, …All your riches and still that wonky eye and super tacky gold diggin side piece junk mail gal ?  – And BTW,  I have never spent one dime on your “sweat shop/ no pee brakes allowed” slavery operation.

NO big pharma I do not ‘test’ for cancers which will never kill me before something else does.

NO Monsantos agent orange in grass sprays /GMO caca…. I do not eat your caca/ use your caca.

So WE need to say NO. With our wallets.  And with our voices.

Once I sell my land in Canada, I think I will have a big Moringa orchard here in Panama- yes with an animal sanctuary.  I shall make Moringa powder for all at very low profits.  Ten percent of the income will go to help people in need.

Only way to lessen the power of these God foresaken deep state controllers is to say NO.

I will miss my son’s wedding if I need to – in 2021.

WE the people have to sacrifice too.  Risk using your own name  – I am Mary Otto-Chang – I am the only one in the world so not easily confused/not easy to hide.

WE have the power to let them rule us or not  -for now….But if we do not band together, vote with our wallets, and speak up, we may not have freedoms soon.

My sister in law is Vietnamese – ask her what the ruling Communist Chinese are really like – hey please do note my name is Chang.

All for now.

PS Been on 400 mg of HCQ / week since March -we 10 PGP Panama Guinea Pigs with zero side effects.

By the way, the protocols which deemed HCQ dangerous were using near toxic levels/toxic levels of HCQ on VERY sick people…

This is murder because they knew what they were doing.

My Geneva team is ramping up to sue WHO.

If anyone wants to help on this – lawyers are very welcome -everyone welcome unless you are double agent moles LOL

Please PM me  — thanks.

Have a great day and be brave everyone and FIGHT like hell.

And if any one reading this thinks I am some way out troll – under accomplished person, lacking education and knowledge and experience – I will send you my CV. It is eight pages long listing more than one Head of State as a personal reference. You can also google my name.  Thank you.



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I looked it up.  Got me beat….


Holy Guacamole! Lots of credits there!

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