To Fully Withdraw or Not?

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  • Fri, Apr 18, 2014 - 03:11am


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    Oh of course they did! I

Oh of course they did! I think they would agree with you about unexpected events.

I'm sure most of us were oopsy babies in origin, but it's funny to learn of it. 

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    I was wondering the same thing.

I wish there was a hard and fast answer. I am considering converting my 403B to a precious metal IRA. Of course, I still will not hold the metal in my possession, a drawback, but do not take a tax hit. The other consideration is using it to pay off my debt, using the left over to buy PM's I hold. I consider PM's a real bargain right now. My wife and I hold about 2x our debt in our retirement accounts. We will of course loose a huge chunk to taxes. I think I am getting a decent return on my 403B right now, but when you consider making maybe 15% over the life of the account, versus maybe 10% I pay on my debt, plus what the REAL rate of inflation is eating away at what that future money is worth, and the rise in taxes by the time I take it out ( I am 43) I am loosing money. Not sure what I will do, I just know it is about time to piss or get off the pot.

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    One more take…

This is a great conversation.  I too am wrestling with the OPs question.  So far we have taken roughly 50% of our non-retirement savings and used it to mitigate future energy price increases by installing a geo-thermal ground source heat pump system and a 3.5 kW PV system. We've also used a bit of $ to put in a garden, chickens, and energy efficiency appliances and start accumulating some silver. 

I've recently moved our retirement accounts from stock heavy funds to much more conservative vehicles but have decided not to incur the early withdrawal tax penalty.  So I feel like I'm sort of "middle ground" as the OP put it.

my biggest struggle now is what to do with the rest of our non-IRA money.  After watching the accelerated crash course and some of Mike Maloney's stuff, I'm really tempted to convert it all into either PMs or preps.  What's holding me back is the fact that I retired from the military a few years ago and only work part-time these days.  I do now have multiple income streams but my total income is much lower.  I suppose it's not entirely logical but it makes me anxious to think that I would have no "fiat" banked away if/when we need it.

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