To Erik and Chris

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  • Wed, Dec 17, 2008 - 04:22am



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    To Erik and Chris


I just wanted to make sure you aren’t taking any of that trash seriously. Sure, i’d think we’d all agree from shipping charges on DVDs to subscription fees, the money is the "ugly" side. Most here still do appreciate you, and recognize the good and hard work you’ve put in. Some of us even like you, and think you’re a nice guy Tongue out



Thanks for stepping in to stifle this. I haven’t settled on the "root" issue here – perhaps Erik didn’t have the respect of the wider community that we thought he did, that he has from us? Or maybe it would’ve been better to make the first hero one who didn’t have anything to do with money…either way, that shouldn’t have been an issue. The fault lies with the community, not with you; it’s a shame all that had to happen. I hope none of the Team/administration is taking all that garbage seriously.

With regards to moderators, what exactly did you mean/are you looking for?



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