Time to Order Your Chicks

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  • Thu, Mar 14, 2013 - 04:09am


    Tom Page

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    Time to Order Your Chicks

Anyone ordering chicks or thinking about it?  Now is the time of year to start planning.  

Check locally at your local farm/feed stores – they often carry chicks. If you live in the Northeast, contant your local Agway to see when they might be getting a shipment so you can reserve some.

Or place an order from a hatchery like Murray McMurray Hatchery. Note some breeds may be sold out for a month ahead so plan accordingly.

I had good luck last year with a batch from them. I got about 28 chicks, kept 12 for myself, and sold the rest on Craigslist to folks who wanted just 3 or 4 birds. I made all my money back and got to try some new breeds not available locally, and met some new people into chickens also!

If you are getting chicks this Spring, post photos here. Will be fun to see how each of our baby flocks grow over the next few months.

And if you're a first-timer, be sure to read Peak Prosperity's Raising Chickens wiki. It contains much of what you need to know to get started, including an overview of the do's & don'ts of caring for chicks. Don't be shy about asking us more experienced folks for advice in the comments below.

Note: If you're reading this and are not yet a member of Peak Prosperity's Backyard Chickens Group, please consider joining it now. It's where you'll find lively discussions on how to raise these fun, feathered fowl. We've got great posts to help first-timers get started, plus regular discussions to keep more experienced hands learning. Simply go here and click the "Join Today" button.

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    Good day!

cute chicks. I know its original breed i want some of it someday. gain soundcloud plays

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    Reply To: Time to Order Your Chicks

i want to bread chick too someday, my brother told me that he has a good point at FM, i hope this blog will help. thanks


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