Time for serious discussion of mask exemptions

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  • Sun, Jun 28, 2020 - 07:30pm



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    Time for serious discussion of mask exemptions

A lot of shopper “karens” type of stuff has been hitting the media lately.  People not wanting to mask up or mind social distance in the shopping place.  What is worse, is they seem to claim medical exemptions under ADA.   However, my understanding is that there has been some simple research done by Drs who treat COPD and asthma,  who say there is no contraindication in mask use in these patients.  and tests show there is no breathing difficulty or drop in oxygen levels during use.   Similarly, I know of youtubers that have COPD who have showed they do not have issues wearing masks while maintaining  PO2 levels.    So, it seems that this medical exemption stuff is just an excuse for non-maskers.  This is offensive and insulting to people with real disabilities.   Further, I know many people who have allergies and asthma who have to wear masks during high particulate ( pollution and pollen ) to keep from suffering further.

But beyond all this it hard to imagine that people are getting away with this or trying to get away with this type of excuse.  It wouldnt even past the smell test for most people.   But lets get into some mask science for a minute.   All filter materials have a flow rating.  Masks are designed to allow adequate flow of air to the wearer.   What is ironic is that someone with asthma and COPD, who may have reduced flow, would not challenge the maximum flow rate to the point of a normal wearer.   So,  in fact , having a breathing issue is not further reduced by a flow rate above what you are capable of.   I understand the masks may impact a jogger at 8000 ft above see level, as they were not designed to handle the flow rate of someone conditioned like this.

It was noted that the recent trader joe’s karen,  seemed to not be shopping at all or adding contents to her basket.  She seemed to ignore distancing as well.  Almost to be looking for a confrontation. Are these law suit happy people,  trying to get publicity for being removed from a store?    It was also noted she seemed not to get winded at all during her rant..   So, what do we do with these people who not only want to ignore mask wearing but social distancing as well, and then start fights with responsible people?

I think its time to address this in the media,  that there is clearly no medical grounds ( other than a psychological disorder  which would likely preclude confrontation and shopping all together  ) to not wear a mask.  ( no medical exemption )

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