Tiffany Outlet Rings Dragonfly Open Wide [4011] – $48.00 :

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    Tiffany Outlet Rings Dragonfly Open Wide [4011] – $48.00 :

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Tiffany Outlet Rings Dragonfly Open Wide

Tiffany Outlet Rings Dragonfly Open Wide

$228.00  $48.00
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Tiffany Outlet Tiffany Outlet Rings Dragonfly Open Wide is a style of two tone rings in our online free shipping store. You can see there is a wide open sliver ring with golden dragonfly. The golden dragonfly in the surface looks very lively. And this Tiffany Jewelry Outlet ring is just need 38$ with 80% off. This is very worthy for you to own now. And we will send to you as soon as possible. And you need not waiting for many days. If you buy more, we will give you a bigger discount.
Production Detail:
[1]Brand: Tiffany
[2]Style: Bangle
[3]Material: 925 Silver Production
[4]Methods: toothpaste water to clean
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  • Shipping Weight: 500g

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