Tiffany Jewelry Bracelets American Tag Transparent [TiffanyBracelets_010] – $49.26 :

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    Tiffany Jewelry Bracelets American Tag Transparent [TiffanyBracelets_010] – $49.26 :

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Tiffany Jewelry Bracelets American Tag Transparent
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Tiffany Jewelry Bracelets American Tag Transparent

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Tiffany Bracelets creative ideas are brought out the essence and rich with American characteristics: simple clear lines tell sober personality and exciting move of God’s grace. It as a symbol of American design, with its unique design inspired by and join the American flag pattern. This eye-catching signs, people never forget this one inspired many people to Classic romance mesmerizing country. Strong European and American flavor, Tiffany in their own way to tell us a charm in the West.

Main Material: Engraved with "Tiffany & Co. 925" in reference to the 92.5% standard percentage of silver content in Sterling Silver.
Style: Europe.
For the crowd: Female and male.
Suitable for gift giving scene: Graduation gift season,studies quarter gifts,birthdays,etc.
For aberration: Due to the computer screen aberration and the different of the photo shooting point, there are some differences between practical items and the pictures on our website. For example: color, point of view and so on. So it’s in normal. Please set your heart at rest.

Shipping: We ship items in our Tiffany and Co outlet to all over the world. No matter how many quantity tiffany products you purchased per transaction, just free shipping. All the products you ordered will be shipped out in 2 business days after payment goes through. And it usually needs 5-7 days for delivery.

Payment: You can pay the order with your credit card. 100% secure online payment system.

Why Choose Us: Fast delivery. All of our tiffany and co outlet are in stock and will be despatched within 48 hours; First class customer service.

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