Thirty + Thirty = Zero

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  • Sat, Sep 19, 2020 - 02:59pm



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    Thirty + Thirty = Zero

As of this hour, there is no .30-.30 ammunition available for sale anywhere in the country (at least detectable by internet).

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    that’s bizarre

Back when a major ammo shortage developed when Obama came into office, it was mostly the police and military type ammo that disappeared … .223/5.56 mm., .308/7.62 mm., 7.62×39 mm., 9 mm., .45 caliber, etc. which is understandable.  I don’t recall .30-.30 being in short supply though.  It is just before deer hunting season, however, so maybe with all the economic and political uncertainty, people are stocking up to ensure meat in their larder.

I just checked and a lot of 30-06 and .308 is out of stock as well.  Ditto with AK and AR ammo which is almost all out of stock.  Ditto with 9 mm. and .45 caliber.  No 357 magnum.  Twelve gauge buckshot was harder to check so I’m not sure.

Guess folks are stocking up for the election.



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    Reply To: Thirty + Thirty = Zero

Should have saved all that spent brass……  Actually, I think the government is behind some of the ammo shortage.   I think they are actually buying it up…… to hedge off revolt.  or at least slow it down.    Id be banking other arms… if possible.

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