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Third possibilty

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  • Wed, Apr 08, 2020 - 07:52pm

    Steve Silver

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    Third possibilty


Your coverage of the virus has been a boon to me both in terms of preparation and financially but…

There seems to be a political slant to you coverage that I disagree with. Without a doubt the organizations (CDC) that have the responsibility for advising the administration couldn’t have done a worse job. It was weeks before we could test, causing numerous deaths. The advise against wearing masks was also tragic. Its almost like they wanted the virus to spread so they could get a big budget increase.

The insane amounts of money the fed hands out supposedly to prevent collapse of our banking system shouldn’t come without cost. For instance the entire banks BOD should put their shares in escrow until those funds were paid back.

But today you were praising Canada for paying unemployment insurance. The $1,200 is in addition to regular unemployment insurance. Also the article about the feds seizing masks etc was from the LA Times. The LA Times spent three years running nonsensical headlines about Russia collusion so it could be fake news.




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