Things you can do to fight for your economic freedom:

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    Things you can do to fight for your economic freedom:

There are many things an individual can do…

Get out of debt completely.

back to nature as much as possible, wherever you are.

dedicate yourself to earning a salary in order to be a spendthrift. Find work you enjoy.

debt-based currencies as much as possible by bartering and using community currencies (e.g.

Join a movement to reform the monetary system (by, for example, passing a Monetary Reform Act – see


Other things you can do…


digital and plastic money to a minimum – these are the private commodities
(products and tools) of private banks.

cash and coins (they’re the closest thing to free, government-issued money).

corporations as far as you can; shop aggressively (make them compete with each
other), support small businesses.


What Chris doesn’t mention is that the forces behind the situation we’re in are living, breathing people like you and me, who are elite beyond our imagination and who bear no allegiance to any country… they are a truly international elite dedicated only to the maintenance of their superiority.Their family lineage goes back at least 300 years. They are in the Western camp and are at loggerheads with competitors outside their camp, hence tensions with Russia and conflict with Iran. They most certainly have a plan B for the US dollar, revalued into the Amero, possibly backed by gold. They will not flinch at economically enslaving whole populations in service to their drive for greater domination. As long as ignorance and greed prevail among ordinary people, this elite will prevail. The best you can is what you’ve probably already done… learn this much and act on it.

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    My Hedge against the Crash…


There’s an excellent book by Peter D. Schiff titled "Crash Proof… how to profit from the coming economic collapse", published in 2006 (pre bubble-burst) that forecasts everything that is happening today.  I actually recommend the book as a supplement to Chris’s crash-course.  The book discusses the details of the housing bubble run-up and some of our economic issues.  Then tells how to develop an investment portfolio to salvage your money from loss due to inflation and/or dollar collapse.

 Following the book’s suggestions, my strategy is to move at least 50% of my life savings into foreign currencies whereby I invest in conservative stocks that pay a high yield dividend, traded on their foreign stock market.

 And buy gold.

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    please respond to the following

In the 30’s the government responded to economic collapse by forcing every US citizen to turn in their gold!!! They could do it again?? Where does that leave us.

One internet site I called said he wants me to buy rare coins because the governemnt would not force you to turn them in. However what he did not mention is that he has none of the non-rare gold coins to sell. Was he just trying to sell me what he has?


What foriegn currency can you invest in that will not collapse when the US economy collapses. I think that all foreign companies have as their basis for their economic production our US economy.??


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    Yes, All currencies are

Yes, All currencies are fiat now days.  The problem here is that it’s the USA that is the one who’s in trouble (we’re insolvent) and if other countries give up on us they will sell their US dollar holdings.  That will destroy the US dollar and strengthen their own currencies.

Yes, the US Gov’t can do anything it wants in crisis mode.  That includes confiscating gold from its citizens.  To protect yourself form this you can buy gold in an Exchange Traded Fund on a foreign exchange.  For example, there is an Australian ETF (ticker=GOLD on the AU stock market) where buying it you are actually buying shares in their gold stock (rights to their gold) that is stored in a vault owned by the gold mine.  There is also a Canadian ETF (ticker = CEF on toronto stock exchange).  The gold stores are monitored and ensured to contain the amount of gold that is actually being sold in the ETF.  I don’t believe the US Gov’t can touch foreign ETF gold because it is off-shore.  Keep in mind, when buying gold via an ETF that the gold company holding the gold is liable to you.  Warning: if the gold mine goes bankrupt that you hold something similar
to a common share and creditors & prefered share holders get paid
in the liquidation process before common share holders.  People and/or companies sometimes default on their liabilities or can be taken over by that countries Gov’t.  Therefore, you want to be careful over which countries you buy gold in.  Australia or Canada appear to be very secure right now in this regard.   Because of the risk behind such liability, this is why there’s no other for sure way to own gold other than by bullion in your own safe (or mattress).  However, this does have the ultimate risk of Gov’t confiscation.

The Canadian or AU Perth mint (or any other mint)  that you own a claim on gold in are not like a bank account.  You don’t have to disclose it to the Gov’t so it should be safe from confiscation.

Investigate: (PMCP) Perth Mint Certifiate Program (I don’t think this is an ETF)

Investigate: Central Fund of Canada

 And here’s some info:

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    The dollar and other

The dollar and other mismanaged currencies are just a bunch of drinks shaken and stirred by a warped bartender. Fiat paper is a poor store of absolute value compared to gold and other tangible assets like oil and gas.

Hedge your future with gold and other hard assets – paper money won’t protect your purchasing power from the upcoming inflationary storm in the United States and eventually, everywhere else.

As for confiscation,there is no way to confiscate gold if held in say the Perth Mint?


from the FAQ page:


Q. Who is The Perth Mint?

The Perth Mint has operated since 1899 and was established to turn the gold from the Western Australian gold rush into sovereigns for the British Empire. The Mint is a division of Gold Corporation and is wholly owned by the Western Australian Government. The Perth Mint has a formidable reputation as a leader in international precious metal investment.

Q. Why should I store my gold in Perth?

Situated on one of the most politically and economically stable continents, Perth offers one of the most secure locations for hard asset storage world-wide. All precious metal at the Mint is insured by Lloyds of London.

Q. So what is it going to cost me to invest in the program?

This is a quality investment and is completely transparent. For the purchase of precious metal there is a 1.75% service fee and a $10 Certificate Administrative Fee, and for the sale of precious metal the service fee is reduced to .75%. The service fees are simply added on to the price of the metal you purchase. E.g if you buy gold at AUD 800, when you add the service fee you are buying it at AUD 814. The Perth Mint also charges a fee of 0.25% on the metal of all buy and sell trades paid by cash.

Q. What precious metals can I acquire under the Perth Mint Certificate Program?

You can invest in Gold & Silver. Although the Perth Mint does vault Palladium it is not available with the Perth Mint Certificate Program due to its omission from Australian Precious Metal Taxation exclusion legislation.


This is another option not subject to government confiscation:



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thank you saimon i am right there

with you

keep on keepin on 

just watched the money masters today

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    rare coins

"One internet site I called said he wants me to buy rare coins because the governemnt would not force you to turn them in."

This is idiotic advice.  Most of the value of rare coins is dependent on an economy with lots of surplus.  I don’t care how old or rare a coin is, it’s intrinsic value is the value of the metal of which it is made.  No way you’re going to get it for that price in the current environment.  Better to invest in tools or products that will allow you to live in an economy with much less surplus.


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