they wouldn’t release a real virus unless…

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    they wouldn’t release a real virus unless…

Thanks for discussion brushhog and Ision.  I find it somehow balancing and centering….Aloha, Steve.

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    they wouldn’t release a real virus unless…

PS…One last thought about the optimism/pessimism thing. Boxers. These are guys who go into the dangerous unknown. They dont know if they are going to be beat up, humiliated, knocked out, seriously injured or even [ in extreme situations ] killed.

Boxing has been around for centuries. Its an art form. Not only to box but to prepare a boxer for a fight. TRAINING is an art form that has been cultivated, perfected and handed down for a long long time.

Ive never heard, and I dont think you’ll ever see, a trainer get a boxer ready for a fight by filling him with pessimism;
‘OK son, this is going to really hurt. Your opponent is alot better than you and your probably going to lose….you really arent ready for this fight so I just want you to be prepared. You have little to no chance…and did I mention how bad this is going to hurt??’

LOL. Nobody does that. Your fighter would be completely dejected and probably lose.

You’ll always hear; “You’re going to tear him up. He’s never faced anybody that hits like you…he doesnt have the heart, the chin, the experience…you’re tougher, smarter, stronger….etc'”

Optimism wins. Pessimism loses.

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    they wouldn’t release a real virus unless…

Re: the discussion on optimism and pessimism.. I don’t quite see things the same way and from experience I’m guessing that my ideas are a bit.. out there. I’ve posted a few times about similar ideas but this might be a bit of a different perspective on it.

I think a persons outcome can often be determined by what they believe – consciously or not. To me this is another way of describing faith and the concept of prayer/praying. I don’t think it matters if you believe in the concept or not – I suspect it’s what you believe to be true that really matters. If you spend some time digging into it you’ll find heaps of info that our minds are very powerful. Sure, there is a lot out there about religious/prayer sorts of things however also non-religious descriptions of the same phenomenon.

In addition to belief a persons emotional state appears to have a significant impact and it seems that what a person thinks will typically generate an emotional response. Seems to be a sort of mashup of thoughts, belief and emotional state/response. It’s all somehow mixed together.

I think of it this way: Lately there has been a lot going on that has been really quite difficult to digest. Initially it caused me a great deal of anxiety, sleeplessness and just in general a lot of negative thoughts and energy. When I get in a state like that praying tends to be the last resort but experience keeps reminding me it really should be the first. So that’s what I did and not in an organized religious way. That and meditation. It took a while but I eventually came to the realization that the future could very well be extremely dark and difficult. I accepted it. Then I reminded myself that belief is extremely important. Reminded myself to have some faith.

So lately I’ve been trying to maintain perspective on the situation knowing that some not so great things can happen and accepting that possibility – at the same time I choose to believe (or at least work hard towards building that belief daily) that somehow things will work out for the best even if they may be difficult at least for a time. Even (and especially) in the face of all evidence that says otherwise.

That’s not to say I’m sticking my head in the sand and ignoring current events. I’ve been doing what I can to plan and prepare. I strongly suspect this concept of faith (aka belief) and maintaining a disciplined mind is the key. The thoughts in our minds generate emotions and we can tell if the thoughts are good when the emotions are positive. Not so good when the emotions are negative. If we fight the negative emotions and avoid those thoughts we won’t accept them and we’ll not be able to get past that state. Perhaps we need to accept the possibility and learn not to dwell on it. Look at it and examine it, think about it however learn to detach from that possibility emotionally.

If a person is able to get into a state where they’ve accepted that there very well could be a global genocide being carried out (or some other equally nefarious plan) and still have faith and maintain a positive outlook. That’s  incredibly valuable. If you can think clearly while entertaining that possibility I think that is a much better mental state to be in vs sticking your head in the sand and avoiding the possibility entirely because it’s too difficult/scary to face.

re: having a positive or pessimistic view – idk if I see it quite like that. For me it’s more about choosing to believe in a desired future and ignoring all the evidence that says that it’s not possible. At the same time mainting awareness of what can be done right now to get to that desired future/state. If you’ve looked around to see what is happening around you as clearly as possible, done everything you can think to do to prepare and it still goes to shit.. Well, better to have been in a good state of mind and have already accepted that possibility than be miserable and unprepared for it.

In a word: faith.

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