They have established compliance on a global scale.

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    They have established compliance on a global scale.

So now that they have compliance on an unprecedented level they must take advantage of it. They can’t run the risk of letting it wane. they have to build on it as it is because if they lose the momentum they know they will never be able to pull something like this again without serious pushback.

If control is even part of the grand plan they must act soon or forget it so I believe it is highly likely that something big is going to happen very soon. I hate sounding like this, it is totally against my nature. After 911 I thought well they pulled it off and got what they wanted, and they did. So far with C-19 they haven’t totally pulled it off yet and I don’t really see that they got much of anything yet.

I’m starting to believe that what’s coming next might not have anything to do with C-19. What they have accomplished is that the majority of people are compliant. I don’t know what % but I do see an awful lot of previously perfectly sane, intelligent people throw all reason out the window and become brainlessly compliant, and not just compliant but aggressively instant about compliance.

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    They have established compliance on a global scale.

Nothing has been by accident. A lab leaked virus. A purposely botched response. Purposeful suppression of information.

Vaccinated vs unvaccinated. Compliance or else. Vaccines that do not fully neutralize. More.

Nothing is by accident.

  • Tue, Sep 14, 2021 - 11:06pm

    Shannon Hill

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    They have established compliance on a global scale.

“Utopia” – A Hypothetical Future Globalist Establishment Narrative:

At first the Establishment used fear of pandemic, and then lies, to promote vaccination.  And vast numbers of people willfully, even eagerly, became vaccinated.

This was not enough, as many people were aware of the deceits and evil doings of the Establishment.  And so threats and intimidation were deployed to coerce those people into vaccination.  And many did succumb to the pressure.

But that was not enough.  So then the Establishment mandated vaccination.  All would have to comply or lose their freedoms, be persecuted, and suffer desperation.  And so many more complied and became vaccinated.

And yet still it was not enough.  For there were those who saw the Establishment for what they were and being of strong will they did not submit.  This enraged the Establishment who had by this time attained great power and control over the people.  And so it was decided that the remaining unvaccinated people posed an intolerable threat, were rounded up, and euthanized.  Thus did the Establishment enslave the world and achieve absolute power over the people.

But that was not enough.  There were far too many people consuming resources, most of whom were deemed by the Establishment as “useless eaters” or “useless consumers”, or simply inefficient labor that could easily be replaced by robotics and such if needed.  And so did the Establishment cull the vast majority of the population of the world.

Afterward they marveled at the natural beauty of previously populated areas reclaimed by wilderness, and were quite pleased to enjoy the abundance of extra resources all to themselves.

To the Establishment the ends justified the means, for they saved the Earth from overpopulation.  They saved the environment!

And they were proud of their achievement.

The End.

  • Wed, Sep 15, 2021 - 12:40am

    d b

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    They have established compliance on a global scale.

I think this is relevant, has anyone seen this article about clandestinely pushed contact tracing apps downloaded to people’s phones in MA?

I switched to a flipphone years ago but still need my smart phone for work. I am constantly shutting off the “health” app and other unwanted features…


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