These [email protected]#ing Guys Goldman Sachs

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    These [email protected]#ing Guys Goldman Sachs

Even though this is funny….. It is NOT funny!–king-guys—goldman-sachs

I LOVED the Daily Show segment on GS, Castlewp, thanks for sharing the link!  Jon Stewart has a real gift for communicating the awfulness of what GS has been doing (well, at least the part they’re currently being charged with), kind of like Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone. 

I’ve started reading the book “Surviving the Economic Collapse”, by Fernando Ferfal Aguirre, based on his experience during the Argentine collapse of 2001, and got a kick out of one of the things he says: “Our languages are rich and should be used to their full extent.  So called “bad words” fulfill a role when used appropriately.  The important thing is using them when you really mean them and within the right context. otherwise they lose their strength and you are just rude and impolite.” 

Jon Stewart does a great job of using the “full extent of our rich language” to package up and deliver the message about what true lowlifes “These Fu&#king Guys – Goldman Sachs” -are!

I saw the skit and some of it was funny.  I truly enjoy comedy and satire.  Stewart, the comedian, is quite good.  Stewart the Social Commentator/Satirist, is primarily one sided and dull, as a result.    If he continues along this vein, he will lose audience, like MNBC.  Its too bad, because Stewart is usually well-informed.  He can play this game well, if he wants to and truly be phenomenal.

Well said Johnson.  I agree, Stewart has impeccable timing as a comedian, but his views are still in the two party paradigm.

I don’t know why people found what he said is funny.


I guess when your house is on fire and Jon bring you the news. You will still laugh your butt off.  Cause Jon is so funny.

I often say that there are two types of media available for the masses; mass media and massturbation media. Jon Stewart is the latter type of media. Yes, he is funny and he is talking about subjects we find interesting… but do not be fooled my friend, this is not information you are getting, it is entertainment.

The Two Beers WIth Steve podcast; now that is entertaining information (shameless, shameless plug, you’ll have to forgive thee)

About this Goldman Sachs thing… hasn’t anyone else questioned the political aspect of this? This may just be a political move. The SEC is a toothless regulator and after having spent the past decade as a Wall Street puppet it is now a political puppet.

What I gather is that the current administration (Dem’s) has made an excellent chess move and forced the free-market (laugh-laugh) Republicans to counter with their ‘save capitalism’ diatribes. Just imagine how unpopular it will be for Republicans to defend the likes of Goldman Sachs right around election time. You can already see this in the Jon Stewart video, the Rep.’s will go down in flames in the world of soundbytes.

The SEC case against Goldman will play out as much in the financial media as it will in the mass media becasue Goldman has become the rich and ruthless villian Americans all love to hate. Defending the GS bastards, or even capitalism, or de-regulation, or free markets will be a losers gambit. Oh, what a wonderful move the Dem’s have made.

Nevermind the fact that what GS did was immoral or unethical, that has nothing to do with it. This is about POWER and very little about anything else.


Read the book ‘The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine‘ by Michael Lewis if you have not done so already. It is #4 on for a good reason.

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