There is more than we can measure

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    There is more than we can measure

This is a topic I’ve given a lot of thought lately. Like many here I’m pretty hyper rational and I’m turned off by “woo woo” stuff by default. This is compounded by a rather painful break with organized religion  of my childhood 10 years ago that left me further antagonistic to anything “unscientific.” 


Here’s something I’ve thought about that is helpful. It does make sense that there may be phenomenon that we have no sense organ to observe. Take color for example. If we had never evolved eyes, would we ever have known color existed? Or any pattern that leaves no relief on a surface? 


So if we nearly missed out on knowing about the phenomenon of color or visual designs, what are the phenomenon that we don’t know exists merely because we have no sense organ? When I look at it this way, the idea that wholly natural phenomenon that we aren’t aware of for lack of a sense organ seems not only possible, but highly likely. 

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