The Win-Win Revolution! Must watch!

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  • Tue, Apr 19, 2011 - 02:48am



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    The Win-Win Revolution! Must watch!

“…You say you want a revolution, well, you know…”
This guy,  Rick Radditz has some well thought out ideas to
Make our country work…. Simple Clear video here at the website:

Rick has come up with a bunch of new words and phrases

“Cap and Grade”, Tri-ism,  Charitism and more….

I am excited by this and look forward to CM community comments!


Bob O

PS: I have known Rick Radditz as a software / businessman… Came
up with “instant Audio” years ago…   This is great…

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    sorry, . . .

mainebob, how on earth can any new ideology take off unless there is in effect a ‘revolution’? I’m in UK, our Gov has been captured by business I think the same in US? In Libya, Yemen, . . . . you have people that are willing to revolt at any cost because they are at a low base level – they earn very little and struggle to feed themselves. Developed countries are still currently busy watching X Factor!

A big point for people to realise IMO is that In UK, USA, . . .  we are feeding off the third world, our deficits are being paid by the growth of other poor countries and that may well stop soon: China’s internal domestic demand. I sometimes ask people why I can buy a T-shirt for less than a sandwich, I then ask if slavery still exists. Quite complex as you will appreciate but I ask you this: If China stopped bailing out America by buying bonds (as do Japan, Saudi Arabia, . . . . .) where will America be? Idealogies like this are never going to take off IMO because they are not addressing all 3 points covered on this CM site: Energy, Economic, Environment. Time is short, if you have children then look 10 years down the line – not nice. Very intersesting but not nice 🙁

Addressing deficits of America and Government reform IMO is way, way too late! I’m sure readers here will agree, it is time now to look at global changes rather than continental changes. I feel it won’t happen so we have to consider local changes and local survival – this may not happen in months or years but innevitable in decades 🙁



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    Hi Logburner

Hi, Rick Raddatz here from

Logburner — I’d like to reverse your question…

I ask, “How can a revolution happen without an ideology?”

So what’s the right ideology?

Capitalism+Democracy isn’t complete — rich democracies are unsustainable financially, — and poor democracies are unsustainable politically.

Authoritarian rule is great with the right leader, hell with the wrong one…

Socialism/Communism always descends into poverty, corruption, and authoritarian rule…

‘State Capitalism’ is like authoritarianism… great with the right leaders, hell with the wrong ones…

What WWR proposes is Capitalism+Democracy+Charityism (Where Charityism is the mature form of government spending, capped and graded)

Capitalism rewards the rich for helping the middle. Charityism helps the poor. Democracy keeps it from falling into the wrong hands.

And can you imagine how our economy will boom once our people are united behind a sustainable capped and graded government that has solved the ethical issues we have today with capitalism?

Now the energy and environment issues are more interesting. We have finite resources… and there is no getting away from that…

but the only way to address that is to A) discover an effectively infinite source of energy (e.g. fusion) or B) discover a desirable way of living that requires almost no resources (we copy our minds into computers) or C) we unite the world under a single economic and moral philosophy that then allows the world together to decide on how to ration resources for the long haul.

The path to A and B is sustainable capitalism — and WWR is the only “ism” that gets you that.

The path to C is also WWR — it’s the only “ism” that can work for rich and poor, religious and non-religious.

But you can’t unite the world if you can’t unite a country. So we start with one country (any country) and we go from there… we experiment and learn.

So that’s why I beleive is the future we’ve all been fighting for.

Thanks, Rick

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    Win-win revolution

Visited site and watched part of video, and signed up to receive manifesto.  Two things concern me:

This appears to be a “pay-to-play” thing, in that you must donate to have a voice, and

I missed any mention of our corrupt electoral/political system, whereby campaign donations influence the legislative process.


Thanks for listening.

  • Sat, May 14, 2011 - 10:08pm



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    I’m not American, so my

I’m not American, so my opinion is not worth much in this debate, but I have to say that it is refreshing to see someone actually trying to listen and respond.  My god, such a simple concept, but I think it is obvious that this kind of bipartisan squabbling is ruining the country- this is way overdue.  I hope that this gets some traction.  I’d like to see this influence Canada too.  And welcome to the CM forum Mr. Raddatz!

  • Wed, May 25, 2011 - 09:45am


    Arthur Robey

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    First thoughts on the winwin.


The governmental budget is capped.

The Pollies are forced to priorities. Their list is scrutinised on voting day. The voters would be voting on issues, not personalities.

People forced to depend on state charity would be accountable to the state for the help they are given.

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I watched the WinWIn Video and tuned into most of the weekly Q&A session.


I was impressed in the amount of patience that Rick has to listen to people question and comment on his plan.  He appears to be a man of patience and willingness to listen.  Was nice to see someone who has the ability to not immediately dive back into his own agenda.


WRT Cap and Grade, I am not sure if capping the US budget and growing our way out of the debt is really enough.  I expect that we will have our budgets slashed against our will once the bond markets decide to deny us further credits.  Once the Energy limits are understood, there wont be a base of growth to allow us to grow and thus diminish our relative debt levels over time.


Wonder if this plan could work in a ‘slash and grade’ environment, as that is where we really are.




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