The US hooking to Canadian dolar

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    The US hooking to Canadian dolar

I want to first congratulate Chris Martenson for such an excellent production. This IMHO should be mandatory course in all junior firsts.
Regarding Max Thrax comment on the US possibility of hooking unto another economy to survive the crash, as far as I’ve understood this fine course the very core of our economy is deeply flawed and unsustainable. This means that we have to invent a new economical procedure.

Already over 500 cities in the whole world, led by Totnes and Lewes in England, have taken what Rob Hopkins called “The Transition Initiative”. This is the first step towards establishing some truly sustainably civilization, in the mandatory post-carbon era we will soon all have to face.

Totnes two years ago, and Lewes, a couple of weeks ago, have set their own currency and their own bank system. Local talent is the hip, sidewalks are been widened and streets narrowed, bicycling is overtaking gas guzzling, and organic farming will lead food production. Imports, obviously, will be out of the question.

The first step we took in the family to meet this new point of view was to rewrite what we termed “progress” because the entire civilization since the Industrial Revolution and the whole of the “progress” we have witnessed had been founded on cheap energy we now know IS finite.

In but a few years highways will be deserted and churches packed. Human arrogance will drastically be diminished -already many bank managers have become surprisingly humble- economic selfishness will forcibly be substituted by desperate cooperation and we will have to turn back to mother nature.

Only by reinventing ourselves as social, creative, productive human beings will we, and our children and their children be able to survive.

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