The Unbelievable shame about America

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    Re: The Unbelievable shame about America


I understand how you feel. Being outside the country you can see the US’s shadow self easily. Just keep in mind other countries have racism problems too but nobody likes to remember their own nation’s shortcomings when the biggest player in the game is getting an overdue pummeling. It spoils the schadenfreude.

I’m Australian and have been watching changes in US culture with great interest because I’ve been studying anthropology part-time since 2001. The shame IMHO belongs with the Republican Party for using every dirty trick in the book since Clinton’s presidency to get themselves into power and stay there. I don’t know if The Republican Party sold its soul to the corporations, or if it has been infultrated and effectively taken over by them, or if the Republican Party was always like this but the moderates are just no longer in control. At any rate they have repeatedly acted against their country’s best interests and created a paranoid nation, armed to the teeth and ready to attack anyone at the slightest perception of threat based on anything at all.

Every single one of the problems the US is experiencing now could have been avoided if the causes of WWII had been learnt and taken seriously by politicians and their civil servants. Instead they let themselves be bribed and prostituted while projecting their own weaknesses onto the poor and powerless. And of course the capitalists condemn any idea that sounds vaguely Marxist or socialist as traitorous and so balanced debates could not be had.

The ordinary person is not to blame for his/her own confusion and anger while still under the influence of the elite’s exploitive culture. The Republican elitists, being from wealthy families or sycophants to wealthy families, are educated enough to know better and powerful enough to do better, and yet still behave like crackheads with other people’s money. That is inexcusable.

I’ve heard it argued recently that Enron was the first big business casualty of the narcisistic culture of corporate America.

If you’re interested in the cultural angle of the crisis, I can recommend watching Enron: the smartest guys in the room and strongly recommend reading The Culture of Narcissism by Christopher Lasch which is over 25 years old but as you read it you can see his predictions and analysis at the time was spot on. 

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    Re: The Unbelievable shame about America

 ‘America’ is simply a legal fiction.  The individuals who make up the area known as ‘America’ have no choice in the matter as to whether or not they are considered ‘Americans’.  Much like all the other individuals throughout this great living planet we collectively generally refer to as ‘Earth’. 

 The use of terms to divide the populations of Earth into collectives that can be mind controlled to create disharmony is in reality just part of the conditions that are present in our current ‘reality’ – and very much a cause of the issues that we face today.    Interestingly enough, most of what the common man/woman considers to be ‘real’ is in fact simply a legal fiction presented in such a fashion that it is beyond question and thus accepted as a basic ‘truth’ of life in this current paradigm of thought.  

 This mind control and the basic ignorance of our collective inheritance of life on the planet is the basis for all racism.  Unfortunately, most are uncapable of seeing through the veil of bullshit that keeps them from understanding the chains that bind them to the current reality; thus keeping them from understanding the true reality of a world without lies.  

 Chris alludes to a future that is very ‘different’ than what we have currently experienced – as the future demands it.  

 Very astutely I would say.  Suffice it to say that what we are experiencing and what we will experience in the future is simply our oportunity to identify the lies and learn to live a life more in harmony with the truth of what it really means to be an intregal part of the life force on the planet.

 Take it or leave it, we are a part of the life force on the planet.  Some would have you believe that humanity is simply a virus or a plague on the planet.  

 I tend to believe another version of truth.  I believe that we’ve simply been mislead by those who’ve presented themselves to be Gods.  From long ago.  The systems of control that are currently in place are simply systems of control put into place by those who pretend to be Gods.  Rightfully so, those systems of control are coming to an end.  

 It’s up to us all individually to evolve and realize our potential to create a reality beyond the control structures that are based on violence, and transcend to a system where we have an understanding of our position in the grand scheme of things and take our rightful place as the essence of life that embodies the  co-creative potential of the marriage of life.  

  Instead of looking at humanity as though it were a virus, the more correct understanding is that we are in fact the evolution of consciousness of our living planet.  Our place isn’t one of a virus, but one where we take pride and loving considersation as being chosen to be awakened enough to protect this oasis of life in a sea of lifelessness.   

 That is our future.

 The time is coming to end the lies.  Corporations, Nations, Laws of Men…….  If it doesn’t resonate true then it will end.  Rightfully so.  They want you to think of yourself as a virus because they can’t control us if we realize our true potential.  We’re part of the planet and once we wake up and realize our place we’ll become way more than those who wish to control us can handle.  All that we’ve accomplished has been inspite of those who wish to control us.  

 It’s funny to listen to people talk sometimes, when you realize what they are really saying.  How many people ask for permission to do something from a fiction?  Without a second thought.  I might go along with the bullshit, only because I know there are many violent individuals willing to inflict violence against me if I don’t pretend to believe in their stories.  


If you’re protecting against extortion – is it okay to extort to pay your wages?


I don’t have an unbelievalbe shame about America.  Heck, that’s simply a fiction of the mind.  If I was going to be ashamed of anything, it’d be the fact that supposedly thinking individuals couldn’t figure out how lies chain them to bullshit.  And then use thier inability to understand those chains to justify inflicting negativity upon those who are actually a part of them and in the same boat as they are.  


All the while those who profit from enslaving them laugh all the way to the bank!  


Time to wake up folks.




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    Re: The Unbelievable shame about America

If you want to once again have the opportunity to be proud to be an American, get out there and write in this vote to Dr. Paul. Make a statement, but keep in mind that this thing is Not over and California is a key state. Be a part of history. Even if Ron Paul doesn’t become the first write-in to get the majority of votes, you will be able to hold your head high and tell everyone you warned who didn’t take your advice that they will be directly responsible for the Depression and Anarchy that loom on the horizon.


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