The Swedish Way

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  • Thu, Jan 21, 2021 - 05:26pm



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    The Swedish Way

Noted Swedish filmmaker Maj Wechselmann isn’t exactly enamoured of Anders Tegnell. She has a new movie available for download as of tomorrow. Here’s the trailer.

Seems this ‘Swedish way’ to respond to crises like this is something of a tradition.

Back in 1710 a ship loaded with bubonic plague came to Stockholm but the expert at the time insisted it wasn’t plague and refused to take measures – with the result that 40% of the people of Stockholm succumbed.

The parallel of course is to today.


‘Tegnell studied epidemiology remotely through London School of Hygiene. It took him four years to complete a one-year course. In the FOI docs we can read that he’s asking others how to calculate R0.’

So that explains a lot.är-en-tragedi-förutom-alla-gränser/

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